2014 Honda Accord headlight bulb size guide

This guide covers all the headlight bulb types and sizes compatible with the 2014 Honda Accord.

In this quick guide, we have provided a convenient chart that puts all of the different bulb sizes for the 2014 Honda Accord in one place.

Refer to this chart whenever you need to buy new headlights, tail lights, or even interior lights for your 2014 Honda Accord.

Below the chart, you’ll find our reviews of the best aftermarket headlight bulbs for the 2014 Honda Accord.

We tested these bulbs ourselves and found them to be the highest performing, best designed, and longest lasting options for the 2014 Honda Accord.


High Beam

Fahren 9005 LED High
beam Bulbs


Low Beam

Fahren 9003 LED Low
Beam Bulbs


Tail Light

Auxito 7443 Led
Tail Light Bulbs


Fog Light

Sealight H8 Led
Fog light Bulbs

2014 Honda Accord Bulb Sizes

2014 Honda Accord Bulb Size Chart Bulb Sizes
Headlight Bulb High Beam9005
Headlight Bulb Low BeamLED
Headlight Bulb Low Beam(EX)H11
Center High Mount Stop Light BulbLED
License Plate Light Bulb168
License Plate Light Bulb917
Turn Signal Light Bulb Rear7440A
Back Up Reverse Light Bulb921
Tail Light Bulb Outer7443R
License Plate Light Bulb(Coupe)2825
License Plate Light Bulb(Coupe)98
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear(EX, Sedan)7443A
Tail Light Bulb Inner(EX, Sedan)168
Tail Light Bulb Inner(EX, Sedan)917
Side Marker Light Bulb Front(Coupe)3457A
Brake Light Bulb(EX-L, Sedan)LED
Brake Light Bulb(EX, Sedan)7443R
Parking Light Bulb(EX-L, Sedan, Compare to original Option 2)LED
Parking Light Bulb(EX, Sedan)168
Parking Light Bulb(EX, Sedan)917
Tail Light Bulb(EX-L, Sedan)LED
Tail Light Bulb(EX, Coupe)7443R
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear(EX-L, Sedan)LED
Side Marker Light Bulb Rear(EX, Coupe)168NA
Daytime Running Light Bulb(EX-L, Sedan, Compare to original, Option 2)LED
Daytime Running Light Bulb(EX, Sedan)9005
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front(EX, Sedan)1157A
Turn Signal Light Bulb Front(EX, Coupe)3457A
Side Marker Light Bulb Front(Sedan)1157A
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb6615F
Glove Box Light Bulb158
Trunk or Cargo Area Light168
Trunk or Cargo Area Light917
Dome Light Bulb194
Dome Light Bulb7441
Map Light Bulb194
Map Light Bulb7441
Interior Door Light Bulb194
Interior Door Light Bulb7441

2014 Honda Accord Headlight Bulb Sizes

HeadlightsBulb Sizes
Low Beam Headlight Bulb SizeH11
Low Beam LED Headlight Bulb TypeH11 LED
High Beam Headlight Bulb Size9005
High Beam LED Headlight Bulb Type9005 LED

2014 Honda Accord Fog Light Bulb Sizes

Fog Lights Bulb Sizes
Fog Lights Bulb SizeH8
LED Fog Light Bulb SizeH8 LED

2014 Honda Accord Brake Light Bulb Sizes

Brake Lights Bulb Sizes
Brake Light Bulb Size7443
LED Brake Light Bulb Size7443 LED
Third Brake Light Bulb SizeLED Bulb
LED Third Brake Light Bulb SizeLED Bulb

2014 Honda Accord Tail Light Sizes

Tail Lights Bulb Sizes
Inner Tail Light Bulb Size168
Inner LED Tail Light Bulb Size168 LED
Tail Light Bulb Size7443
LED Tail Light Bulb Size7443 LED

2014 Honda Accord Turn Signal Bulb Sizes

Turn Signals Bulb Sizes
Front Side Marker Light Bulb Size1157NA
Front Side Marker LED Light Bulb Size1157NA LED
Front Turn Signal Light Bulb Size1157NA
Front Turn Signal LED Light Bulb Size1157NA LED
Rear Side Marker Light Bulb Size7443
Rear Side Marker LED Light Bulb Size7443 LED
Rear Turn Signal Light Bulb Size7440NA
Rear Turn Signal LED Light Bulb Size7440NA LED

2014 Honda Accord Light Bulb Sizes

Light Bulbs Bulb Sizes
Automatic Transmission Indicator Light Bulb Size74
Cargo Light Bulb Size168
Check Engine Light Bulb SizeN/A
Cornering Light Bulb SizeN/A
Courtesy Light Bulb SizeN/A
Daytime Running Light Bulb Size9005 or 9005 LED
Door Mirror Illumination Light Bulb SizeN/A
Dome Light Bulb Size175
Engine Compartment Light Bulb SizeN/A
Footwell Light Bulb SizeLED Light
Glove Box Light Bulb Type158
High Beam Indicator Light Bulb SizeN/A
Ignition Light Bulb SizeN/A
Instrument Panel Light Bulb SizeN/A
Interior Door Light Bulb SizeN/A
License Plate Light Bulb Size168
Luggage Compartment Light Bulb Size168
Map Light Bulb SizeN/A
Parking Brake Indicator Light Bulb SizeN/A
Parking Light Bulb Size168
Rear Fog Light Bulb SizeN/A
Rear Reading Light Bulb SizeN/A
Reverse Light Bulb Size921
Seat Belt Light Bulb SizeN/A
Stepwell Light Bulb SizeN/A
Trunk Light Bulb Size168
Turn Signal Indicator Light Bulb SizeN/A
Under Hood Light Bulb SizeN/A
Vanity Mirror Light Bulb Size6615F

Top Recommended Headlight Bulbs for the 2014 Honda Accord

Nilight High Beam And Low Beam Headlight Bulbs

High And Low Beam

Nilight’s headlight kit is blisteringly bright and also durable enough to outlast the best stock headlights out there.

If you are looking for a bright set of LEDs for your 2014 Honda Accord, Nilight is the default choice. Their combo high and low beam headlight kit measures in at an unprecedented 14,000 lumens of brightness, which makes short work of poorly lit roads.

The cooler, 6500k color temperature of these headlights helps your car stand out from the crowd. Functionally, it adds clarity to your sightline, and is more reflective off of surfaces like potholes, bumps and other such hurdles.

Finally, the build includes a high speed fan and premium aluminum chassis that not only improves longevity but also resists damage and wear.

  • 14,000 lumens
  • 6500k color temperature
  • Better visibility
  • Enhanced clarity
  • Premium aluminium build
  • 12,000 RPM fan
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Bit more expensive than most

HIKARI VisionPlus 9006 LED Headlight Bulbs

High Beam

Hikari’s VisionPlus LEDs are another top notch headlight kit, featuring excellent brightness, premium build quality and a longer lifespan.

One thing the Hikari LEDs do not lack is power. At 15,000 lumens, these LEDs produce an impressively bright beam of light that provides better illumination and nighttime visibility.

While we would have liked to see an even better color temperature rating, 6000k is still miles ahead of stock bulbs and allows for better reflectiveness off of hurdles and obstacles.

Longevity is also best in class, thanks to the aluminium build and copper heat dissipation system which keeps the whole setup running nice and smooth.

  • 15,000 lumens
  • 6000k
  • Best in class lifespan
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Easier to see potholes, road bumps etc
  • Efficient cooling with copper plates and high speed fan
  • Often sold out due to popular demand

If you aren’t the most mechanically inclined but still want to try your hand at changing the headlight bulbs of your 2014 Honda Accord, the following video should be a big help.

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