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Are you an Acura owner with some questions on headlight bulbs.

This is our main Acura page that covers everything on headlight bulbs for your Acura. From choosing the right bulb sizes, fitment, installation and also the best options that we stand behind.

No matter what your question is, keep reading to find out anything you need to know about headlight bulbs for the Acura.

Our Acura Headlight Bulb Guides


Making sure you have the correct sized head bulbs for your Acura is especially important, otherwise you’ll most probably be returning the bulbs once you figure out you’ve actually purchased the wrong size bulbs.

Read below our headlight bulb sizing guides for specific Acura models.


The stock headlight bulbs that come with Acura cars will eventually break on you, when they do you’ll be in need of some replacement bulbs for your Acura.

Below are our guides on the correct replacement bulbs for each Acura model of car.


It can be a tricky process Installing headlight bulbs correctly, so that they stay in place and maintain their longevity. Because each installation is different for each car brand and specific model.

For this reason we’ve put together installation guides for each model of the Acura so that you know exactly how to properly install the correct headlight bulbs for your Acura.

If the specific model of your Acura isn’t listed it just means we haven’t covered that model just yet, although we’re working on it and will soon cover the installation for that specific Acura model very soon.

Check out our installation guides for each Acura model below.


At Headlight Reviews we’re passionate enthusiasts but we must remind you this is general information. We are not liable for what happens if you install bulbs based on our recommendations for your Acura. This is just a friendly reminder we aren’t responsible for what happens with the information we provide.

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