Carifex LED Headlight Bulbs Review

This is our review of Carifex LED headlight bulbs. 

Carifex’s LED headlight bulbs may not be on your radar, but we’re hoping to change that. This is a budget-friendly LED headlight bulb brand but the feature set and performance still manage to make a statement. 

You do miss out on a lot of the high performance that pricier LED headlight bulbs can offer, but not nearly as much as you might think!

And besides, the humble Carifex LED headlight bulbs have a couple cool tricks up their sleeve. 

We’ve been testing and reviewing headlights for over a decade, so if you need help making a decision about whether or not to get Carifex LED headlight bulbs, we’re here to help. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Carifex LED headlight bulbs. 

Carifex Headlight Bulbs Overview 

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Carifex made a name for themselves in the world of budget LED headlight bulbs. We like the unusual approach they have to automotive lighting, wherein they focus on efficiency and cost-effectiveness above all else. 

And that certainly trickles down to the final product you get, though there are some compromises made to achieve the low price and even lower power consumption. 

Build Quality

Build quality is thankfully not one of the things that suffers. Carifex LED headlight bulbs feature the same high end materials and manufacturing processes as their more expensive competition. 

Specifically, these bulbs use lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum with an oxidized coating that resists corrosion and rust. The use of double-sided laminated copper also means heat dissipation is a lot more efficient and effective. 


Unfortunately, the budget-friendly price tag means you have to settle for lower brightness compared to other brands. In fact, these are some of the dimmest LED headlight bulbs you can get, with only a maximum of 4000 lumens of brightness in any bulb in the lineup. 

That’s downright pathetic compared to other brands that can offer as much as ten times the brightness. However, it’s not nearly as hopeless as you might think. 

For one, 4000 lumens is easily two times as bright as the brightest stock halogens out there, and offers ample light output for general nighttime driving in well-lit areas. 

Color Profile

Secondly, the color profile of these LED headlight bulbs would have fooled us into thinking they were much pricier than they actually are. That’s because the color temperature for most of the lineup comes in at an impressive 6000K. 

It’s not quite the top-of-the-line 6500K of other LED bulbs, but still provides high clarity, great focus, and a uniform beam pattern, especially when compared to stock halogens. 

Power Consumption

It only makes sense that the power consumption of Carifex’s headlight bulbs be lower than the LED bulbs that offer higher performance. And in that regard, Carifex LED headlight bulbs don’t disappoint one bit. 

Carifex uses the latest CSP chips, which are a lot more power efficient than prior models. 

These chips use an intelligent IC driver that continuously regulates the power draw so that it is always at optimal levels. This also prevents sudden spikes in power and overheating or other damage to the headlight bulb. 


Despite the budget-friendly price, these bulbs come with a high-speed cooling fan that keeps everything running smoothly. It improves airflow over the internal components that experience the highest temperatures, ensuring the whole setup stays at manageable heat levels. 

Noise Levels

Noise levels are a hair higher than on other LED headlight bulbs, though nothing you’ll notice in your car’s cabin when driving. 

Really, the only way you would even know that there was a high speed fan in these LED bulbs is if you were standing right next to the headlights after they’ve been running for a while with the engine off.


One major benefit of the lower power consumption and efficient cooling system is that Carifex’s LED headlight bulbs outlast even the most expensive of headlight bulbs without breaking a sweat. In fact, some of their bulbs can last up to as much as 30,000 hours with regular usage. 


And finally, we have the price. We’ve mentioned how Carifex bulbs are easy on the wallet, and it’s one of these bulb’s biggest strengths. 

They cost significantly less than other LED bulbs, making them a great choice for the budget-minded headlight buyer. 

However, you do have to consider that these bulbs aren’t nearly as high-performance as some of those options. That said, Carifex bulbs are still some of the least expensive LED headlights out there. 


If you find that the lower performance of Carifex bulbs just won’t do for your needs, there are a couple alternatives that might be more to your liking. 


While not nearly as inexpensive as the Carifex headlights, Sealight’s LED bulbs are pretty cheap for the performance they offer. These LED bulbs use all the latest tech and all the highest quality materials, but still manage to be a bit cheaper than similarly-performing headlights. 

Everything about these LED headlight bulbs is great, from the performance to the lifespan to the build quality. They do tend to draw just a little bit more power than most, but nothing you need to be concerned about. 


Nilight’s bulbs are closer to the premium end of the price spectrum, but still worth mentioning. These LED headlight bulbs are all about the performance, coming with as much as 40,000 lumens of brightness and ultra white 6500K color temperature. Your wallet will be a bit lighter after buying a set of these LEDs, but we think the performance is worth it. 


Carifex’s LED headlight bulbs won’t be the brightest or the most high performance you’ve ever seen. However, they do offer a lot of utility and reasonable performance at a very good price. 

Add to that the fact that these are easily some of the most efficient LED headlight bulbs on the market, and you’ve got a recipe for the perfect budget LED headlight bulb. 

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