How-To Clean Your Headlights With A Rub Of Toothpaste

Spring cleaning shouldn’t just happen inside. Now that the weather is nice, it’s the perfect time to go outdoors and give your car some TLC. And cleaning your headlights is a great place to start. Because of all the dirt and debris, they come in contact with, these can get pretty dull and dingy-looking. Luckily, a Redditor found a simple way to take care of this problem.

Simply take some toothpaste (this user used Crest) and rub it onto the fixture. When it’s completely covered, just wipe away the mess and it should be shining and sparkling. User mr1337 suggest washing it off and then applying some turtle wax to make the results last longer.

Cleaning headlight with toothpaste

using toothpaste to clean your headlight

how to clean your headlights

clean headlight housing

Coupon Sherpa also recommends using the minty paste to help remove scratches from the glass, which will make the lights shine brighter.

This clever repurposing idea only takes minutes and the results are clear as day. So, next time you’re giving your automobile a good scrub, don’t forget the toothpaste.

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