Fahren LED Headlight Bulbs Review

This is our review of Fahren LED headlight bulbs. 

Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs are a popular choice for replacements and upgrades alike. 

Not that it’s hard to see why; their bulbs offer pretty much the complete package, with high brightness, an aesthetically pleasing color profile, and a bunch of other goodies that we’ll talk about below. 

Still, there are some things we don’t like about these headlight bulbs, and a couple alternatives that address some of our concerns. 

We’ve been testing and reviewing headlights for over a decade. So if you need help figuring out if Fahren LED headlight bulbs are right for you, leave it to us. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs.

Fahren Headlight Bulbs Overview 

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Fahren has been around for a while now, and their LED headlight bulbs routinely top our ‘Best LED Headlights’ buying guides. These bulbs come with surprisingly high brightness, and a slick design, while still preserving efficient power consumption and cooling. 

Overall, their LED headlight bulb offerings may be on the pricey side, but we think they’re still well worth it. 

Build Quality

Having tested a variety of their products, both within and without the LED category, we have to say we’re pretty impressed by Fahren’s build quality and design. 

For the premium price, you get premium materials like aviation grade aluminum. These keep the entire unit lightweight and easy to work with, but also help with heat dissipation. 

The fit and finish is in line with other high quality LED headlight bulbs, and you can find a wide range of bulb sizes for the entire lineup of bulbs. We’ve never had any issues with the fit and finish of Fahren bulbs. 


Fahren brought their A-game when it comes to bulb performance. Their bulbs use the latest in LED chip technology, which allows them to boost brightness to as high as 22,000 lumens. That easily beats most of the competition, and by a good margin no less. 

We never found a single dark spot in any of their LED headlight beams, which means you can expect uniform, focused lighting, even in the most demanding of conditions. 

Color Profile

Besides high performance, you also get a sexier look with Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs. Most of the lineup outputs 6000K, while a lot of the nicer offerings crank up color temperature to 6500K for an ultra pure white look. 

Practically, we find this cooler color profile to be a lot better for noticing pedestrians, stray animals, road signs, and other vehicles in the road more easily and quickly, especially compared to weak halogen bulbs. 

The wider angle of projection also deserves praise, bringing a lot more of the road and the roadside into view. In fact, it’s this wide angle of view that saved our (and a wild boar’s) bacon on occasion. 

Power Consumption

We’re not exactly blown away with the efficiency of Fahren’s bulbs. Despite using the latest CSP chips, these high-performance headlight bulbs still need a bit more juice than most to function the way they do. 

To be fair, these LEDs don’t draw so much power that you need to be concerned about overheating. And the energy-efficient design still puts even the best halogen in the world to shame. However, all of that brightness does come at a cost. 


Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs stay as cool as a cucumber, even in more demanding conditions. Most of the top-shelf lineup is outfitted with high-speed turbo fans that can run at upto 12,000 RPM. 

In addition to the heat sinks and the aforementioned aviation-grade aluminum construction, these fans help boost airflow so that operating temperatures stay within manageable ranges, even on hot and humid days or in off-road conditions. 

Noise Levels

Those fans do often rev up a bit too high, though it’s nothing you’ll hear in your vehicle’s interior with the engine running. But the high speed operation can become audible when asked to cool these LEDs down really quickly. 


And lastly, we come to the price. Much like the power consumption, the price of Fahren bulbs is a tad higher than other LED headlight bulbs that offer similar performance. 

But that performance itself is on the higher end of the spectrum, and we think that paying a bit more for the privilege is worth it. 


Now, if the Fahren bulbs don’t quite float your boat, there are a couple other fish in the sea. The following LED headlight bulbs give Fahren’s offerings a pretty tough time, and we think you might like what they have to offer. 

Firehawk LED Headlight Bulbs

Besides the coolest name in the industry, Firehawk also offers one of the highest performing LED headlight bulbs. Period. You do end up paying even more than the Fahren bulbs, but in return, you get upto 40,000 lumens of brightness, a crisp white 6500K color profile, and premium build quality. Similarly, the lifespan is also a bit longer, which is always a plus. 

Sealight LED Headlight Bulbs

Sealight is another brand that we often feature in our buying guides, and with good reason. Their LED headlight bulbs offer similar performance and features to Fahren, albeit at a lower, more easily-palatable price. Power consumption is also markedly lower, which only adds more value to the package. Lifespan, while not noticeably higher, is in line with the other headlight brands. 


Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs are the classic overachiever. They sport high light output, decent efficiency, and an aesthetically pleasing look. The price definitely isn’t cheap, but then neither is the build quality, the features, or anything else about these LED headlight bulbs. 

Still, as much as we like Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs, there are a couple competitors that give them a run for their money. Firehawk’s LED bulbs offer even more astonishing performance for not that much more money.

Meanwhile, Sealight undercuts both while still maintaining a high level of performance, and noticeably better efficiency. 

Which one you choose all comes down to personal preference and which features you value more. 

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