Fahren LED Headlights Review

In this review, we will be talking about Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs.

Fahren’s LED bulbs provide powerful illumination. They feature a whiter colour profile that stands out and also enables better visibility. Their efficient power consumption is another plus point.

We considered factors like performance, efficiency and durability while testing the Fahrens.

Furthermore, we also took the value for money and aesthetics this bulb provides into account.

We have tested a wide variety of LEDs over the past decade so we can help you make a more informed buying decision.

Keep reading our review for more information about Fahren’ LED headlight bulbs.

Our verdict

Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs combine powerful lighting with more efficient power consumption. They also bring a cooler look and design to the table.

As such, these LEDs get our highest recommendation for the driver who wants an LED headlight kit without any compromises.

  • 10000 lumens brightness
  • 6500k color temperature
  • 50,000 hour lifespan
  • Efficient cooling
  • Less power draw
  • 3x brighter than stock
  • Pure white color
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Eliminates dark spots
  • CANbus ready
  • Longer throw
  • Flicker free
  • Long lasting bulbs
  • Unique hollow heat sink design
  • Instantaneous startup
  • Not compatible with some older model cars

Packaging & Build Quality

We were very happy to find that Fahren’s LED offering employs aluminium throughout its construction. This makes the bulb assembly very durable and long lasting. Aluminium is the material of choice for high end bulbs as it facilitates faster and more efficient heat dissipation.

Moreover, the use of copper in the hollow heat sink design of this bulb gives it the edge over competitors. Overall, the bulb is well built and it is obvious that a lot of care was taken with the fit and finish.

Lifespan is similarly top notch. Fahren rates this bulb for a whopping 50,000 hours of use, even with regular nighttime driving. That is an industry first and translates to about ten times the average lifespan of most new cars. Some might call that overkill but we call it quality engineering.

Another feature that helps Fahren achieve such an astounding lifespan rating is the efficient power consumption of this LED bulb. It uses the latest SMD chips which are more power efficient. The result is less power consumed in addition to brighter output.

Colour And Brightness

When it comes to performance, Fahren ticks a lot of boxes with this LED bulb. These LEDs generate a blisteringly bright 10,000 lumens. That makes for a dramatic uptick in terms of visibility and safety.

The higher brightness is aided by a more powerful throw which extends further, illuminating more of your path. The wider projection is also nice to see and brings more of the roadside into the driver’s view.

As for the colour profile, Fahren opted for the pure white 6500k look. It adds a lot of clarity and precision to the beam, while also making it easier for you to spot and avoid any potholes, road bumps, and other imperfections in the road.

Calibration is expertly done and makes your car look a lot more appealing. The cooler white tone of the light is also a really impressive look, especially when you install these LEDs on earlier model cars that did not have LEDs as standard.

We did not experience any issues with blurriness or lack of focus. Nor did we have to put up with any flashing or flickering of the beam. In summation, these Fahren bulbs are some of the best we have come across as far as the performance is concerned.

Perks And Features

Besides the raw performance, you also get a really useful feature set that makes these LED bulbs that much more appealing. A high speed fan is integrated into the build. It can achieve a speed of up to 12,000 RPM to cool down the headlight assembly and keep everything running smoothly.

An IP68 water and dust resistance rating is always nice to see, and here, it gives us the peace of mind to take our Jeep off-road without the risk of damaging our new LED bulbs
The beam pattern is perfectly uniform and does not exhibit any dark spots. We also appreciate the CANbus ready design which eliminates the need for additional decoders. We did not encounter any errors with the car’s ECU while installing these LEDs or using them for extended periods.

In summation, the Beamtech LED headlights are a bright and powerful set of bulbs that provide enhanced nighttime visibility, a visually pleasing look, more efficient power consumption, and high tech cooling solution that you won’t find anywhere else.

It is an effective and useful kit that we highly recommend for drivers in need of an LED bulb that doesn’t sacrifice any features, while still being priced competitively.


So, that’s the Fahren LED headlight bulbs. These LEDs offer more powerful lighting and a cooler white colour profile. They also manage to bump up the lifespan to an industry leading 50,000 hours. In a nutshell, these are the best LED headlight bulbs money can buy.
We highly recommend picking up a set of these bulbs if you are looking to upgrade your headlights to something that provides exceptional performance and durability without compromising anything.

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