GTR Lighting HID Kit Review

HID Kit: GTR Lighting 55w Review

H13 Bi-Xenon 6000k

Rating: 80 points

Kit includes:

1 Pair of 55w GTR Lighting ballasts
1 Pair of GTR Lighting H13 Bi-Xenon bulb
1 H13 Bi-Xenon HID Harness (High/Low)
1 Generic /Install Instructions

GTR Lighting HID KitGTR Lighting HID Kit

My first impression was a bit of a surprise… I have seen a lot of HID kits so when I received a completely branded HID kit from GTR Lighting, I was pleasantly surprised. Not too many HID companies out there take the time or pay the extra money to get their brand on the box, ballasts, bulbs, etc… Bravo!

My second impression wasn’t that great as I opened the box to see cracks in the packaging around the ballast:

Broken Packing - GTR Lighting

As I’m sure you would all feel the same, it makes you wonder what kind of abuse your HID took in the process of getting to your door.  Keep in mind that this is not an indicator of how the kit will perform unless the bulbs or ballasts were damaged from shipping, which it didn’t appear to be with this kit.

Note: I like to see a nice tight pack in fitted Styrofoam or some kind of packing that will keep the components, bulbs especially, from bouncing around in the box. 

– Next was the kit components…

Everything that was supposed to be included was there and seemed to be unharmed.

Here is a video of the GTR Lighting HID Kit inclusions:

So far, so good… Let’s get to the HID Install on the GMC Yukon:

GTR Lighting HID Kit Review


H13 Bi-Xenon Installation Instructions:

Tools Needed:
+ 10mm Short Socket
+ 7mm Socket
+ Flathead Screwdriver

Here is the play-by-play:

Open the hood to expose the engine bay:
1) Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the headlight housing to the body.
2) Remove 2-3 of the 10mm bolts that hold the grill, so you can pull it back when you remove the headlight housing

Move down to the wheel well:
3) Remove the two 7mm bolts that hold the fender liner to the fender
4) Use the flat-head screwdriver to pull the body clips away from the fender
5) Once you are able to pull the fender lining back, you can access the last 10mm bolt.  If you can’t get to it, remove the bolts holding the bumper, lower the bumper and you can reach the bolt that way.

Removing the 10mm bolt behind the fender:
6) Use the short 10mm socket to remove the bolt (seen at 1 minute 30 seconds of the video)

Removing the housing
7) Pull the headlight housing from the top to give you movement with the housing
8) It’s a tight squeeze, so you might need to give it a little muscle
9) MAKE SURE you are aware of the grill and the fender.  You don’t want to scratch either one
10) ALSO, you can pull the grill back so you can get move movement from the housing.  that’s why we removed those bolts earlier

Installing the HID kit:

  1. Once the housing is pulled away from the body, you can remove the bulb and replace it with the HID bulb.
  2. While the housing is pulled away from the body, this is also a good time to mount the ballasts.  Just make sure you mount them close enough to reach the bulb
  3. Connect the ballast and the bulb… then do the same with the other side
  4. Install the wiring… Don’t connect the Power and Ground until the other plugs are connected.  you don’t want to get shocked!
  5. Connect the ground wire to a fender or body bolt.
  6. On the Yukon, with the GTR Lighting HID Kit, the red power wire was not long enough to reach the battery.  So, we had to cut and splice additional wiring to get a good power connection.

Final notes:

Overall, I was satisfied with the kit. If I could make a suggestion to GTR Lighting, I would look into a new supplier for the wiring harness… While the main part of the harness (the control module) looked to be put together well, one of the mounting terminals for the (passenger side) ground wire fell off when we were mounting it and we had to cut and splice the power wire to reach the battery.

GTR Lighting HID KitGTR Lighting HID Kit

GTR Lighting HID Kit

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