Headlight Bulb Sizes By Car model and type

Check our headlight bulb guides for each brand of car and their specific models below. You’ll find guides on the correct fitment and sizing for each brand and model, as well as our top recommendations for the best replacement bulbs and more. Scroll through the dot point list below until you find your car’s brand, there you’ll find all the headlight bulb information for your car’s specific model.

What our guides cover

For each car we cover a number of topics that every car owner will need to know at some point when replacing their cars headlight bulbs. If you feel there’s a certan brand or model that you beleive we haven’t thouroughly covered, please contact and we’ll reevaluate that section. Remember that we earn a little bit of money if you purchase a headlight bulb from our recommendations.

Bulb Sizing

The most important aspect when considering a headlight bulb is that you have the correct sizing for your car’s specific model. If you purchased compatible bulbs that have the wrong sizing they won’t properly fit in your car.

While you may be able to make some adjustments to make the wrong sized bulbs fit, installing bulbs that are poorly sized can cause a number of problems down the track and we recommend doing a little bit of research with our helpful guides to find the correct sized headlight bulbs for your car.


Once you have the correctly sized headlight bulbs the next most important aspect for you is knowing how to properly install them. Within each brands section we’ve got guides on how to properly install headlights, following these guides means the chance of accidentally damaging the bulb amid the installation is slim, as well as making sure the bulbs are properly fitted so you get the most out of them, and that the bulbs aren’t damaged over time with improper installation.

Replacements and Recommendations

Lastly we’ve got our top recommended replacement bulbs for each brand of car and their specific models. The headlight bulbs that we recommend have managed to win us over with their excellent features, longevity and overall build quality.

Different bulbs work best depending on the car. bulb sizing and bulb type, because of this. Our recommendations save you the time of doing the research, and you can also rest easy knowing that you’re purchasing the best possible bulbs for your car.

Why You Can Trust Us

With over 20 years in the automotive industry, and the last couple of years spent reviewing and researching every headlight bulb possible. We take great pride in our strict testing process and always try to provide the most affordable bulb recommendations.

We aren’t affiliated with any bulb company but do take a small cut from the bulbs we do recommend.

In terms of informational guides we’ve spent countless hours liaising with car manufacturers and bulb manufacturers to make sure our bulb fitment and sizing recommendations are spot on.

If in the extremely unlikely chance a bulb that we recommended, doesn’t fit properly or generally performs poorly. Please do get in touch so we can adjust our guides if necessary.

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