Best Selling Xenon HID Kits for Trucks

HID Xenon light kits for trucks are very popular right now but they are all not created equally. There are some options that are better than others and if you are going to pay the money any way you might as well opt-in for one of the exceptional kits that are available.

Parts matter! Choosing the top five HID light kits was based on two criteria performance and the type of parts that are used in the kit.

Here are our Top 5 recommended xenon, kits for trucks:

1. Xenon Depot HID Kit

hid lights for trucks

The XenonDepot Kit includes genuine Phillips bulbs which is a big plus. Phillips is a well-known brand that produces high-quality long lasting bulbs. In other words, Phillips bulbs make the Xenon Depot Kit a very reliable option. The custom molded base makes it easy to install. This kit is water and heat resistant and comes with its own wiring harness to help avoid power drain.

2. McCulloch HID Kit

mcculloch hid kits for trucks

McCulloch headlight Kit offers McCulloch bulbs and has fourth-generation ballasts. The custom molded bases ensure an easy installation and a great fit! The bulb design is manufactured to keep oncoming drivers from being blinded by your headlights. The wiring harness gets its power directly from the battery. The entire setup is heat and water-resistant.

3. Helios HID Kit

Helio 50 watt hid kit for trucks

No aftermarket headlight kit list would be complete without mentioning the Helios HD Kit. Helios has been at the top of the list for HID kits because of their long-lasting bulbs (up to 4 times longer than other bulbs). The ballast is weatherproof and the performance is considered to be tops in the field.

4. HouseofHID Kit


The HouseofHID Kit is a leader in the industry. This hid company has produced one of the most popular aftermarket headlight kits in the industry. The entire ballast is sealed with epoxy making it completely heat and weatherproof. The bulbs have been calibrated using laser technology to ensure accurate pointing of the bulbs. This is a great option and is a bit less expensive than other options on the market.

5. O-Nex HID Kit

onex hid kits for trucks

The O-Nex HID Kit is a top-notch kit that comes with Xenon bulbs that are estimated to be up to 3 times brighter than traditional halogen bulbs. This kit comes with 2 Xenon bulbs, 2 wiring harnesses, 2 ignitors, 2 ballast brackets and an easy to read manual!

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