HID VS LED Headlight Bulbs

Drivers on the road are becoming more knowledgeable about headlight systems and the varying options available. While many cars on the road still use halogen headlights, there is no doubt that HID Headlights and LED Headlights are becoming increasingly popular. So what are the similarities and differences between HID and LED? Which option is a better choice? The answer is not so cut and dry since both options are definitely leagues above the standard halogen headlights. Because of this, drivers must educate themselves on the variables in HID and LED lighting systems in order to adequately choose their headlights.

HID Headlights, also known as High Intensity Discharge, is used in a lot of higher-end vehicles. HIDs produce a white color output with a slight hint of blue and have been a popular choice among drivers. There is even aftermarket HID Conversion Kits available that allow cars with halogen headlights to be converted to HID. A standard HID conversion kit is usually at 6000K, which is mostly white with a little bit of blue, but there are also options that go up to 8000K which is a shade that is bluer. HID headlights require more initial power to produce the first lighting output, but once the light is in operation, they actually don’t require as much energy for brightness. HID bulbs also do not have too many heating issues to deal with. HID is praised to have quite a long lifespan and its longevity is definitely an aspect that makes this choice popular with drivers. The only semi-drawback with HID is the cost. HID headlights can become costly so the price factor might be an issue to some people. Otherwise, people have a tendency to stick with the HID option.

Another recent headlight innovation is LED. LED has become an option for luxury automakers like Audi, BMW, and Lexus. You can see LED headlights on the premium models and they are quite popular in the entire car industry. LED headlights do not require too much power to function so aftermarket LED conversion kits have recently become a good contender for drivers. The only issue that appears is that LEDs do have a tendency to get hot. This means that LED headlights need a good heat diffuser system in order to dissipate the heat. Heat related issues do have a huge effect on headlight systems as well as the rest of the electrical functions in the car.

The choice between HID and LED headlamp is quite personal for some people. Since both are great choices, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons of both HID headlights and LED headlights and pick the right option. You can’t go wrong with either HID or LED since they are both highly renowned and are a great choice for headlights.

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