How-To: Install BFxenon HID Headlight Bulbs on 2012 Ram Quad Headlight trucks

The Low Beam headlight bulb on the 2012 Dodge Ram is H11

Step 1: Remove Grill to access the headlight bolts. You will need a flat head screwdriver to remove the clips and a 10mm socket


Step 2: Pull the grill back, lift up on the large tab and pull the grill back at the same time.




Step 3: Remove the 2x 10mm bolts that hold the housing in place


Step 4: In the fender well is an access panel to 1 more 10mm bolt and a long white plastic sliding clip that holds the headlight in. Pull the sliding clip down and remover the bolt.



Step 5: Once you have the headlight housing out, you will need to remove the cap and drill a 1″ hole for the wires to come through.

2012-ram-hid-install-9 2012-ram-hid-install-10

Step 6: Remove the factory bulb and replace it with the BFxenon HID bulb. Use the 2 exposed leads to plug into the factory plug (for power to the ballast). Black to Black and Red to White and Blue

Step 7: Replace the cap back into factory housing with the HID wires coming out the back. The wires coming out of the factory plug go into the Anti-Flicker kit and the Anti-Flicker kit goes into the ballast.

Step 8: Mount the ballast and AF Kit. *These are recommended mounting points… you may mount them according to your preference.

2012-ram-hid-install-13 2012-ram-hid-install-14

Step 9: Test lights before you re-install all the parts. This ensures all the wires are connected properly and you have mounted the ballasts away from any interferences



Step 10: Secure all the bolts back in place and re-install the grill

Step 11: Take good pictures and send them to us!


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