How-To: Install Chevy Camaro HID Fog Lights

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2010-2013 Camaro with No factory Fog Lights or the RS package

IMPORTANT: When installing the 2010-2013 Chevy Camaro HID Fog Lights, for your safety, please remember to remove the battery terminal / positive lead to the battery before connecting any high voltage parts.

Step 1: Twist and pull to remove factory bulbs from the factory housing

*Step 2 and 3 are for the RS package equipped cars.
Step 2: Remove the black plastic surround, with a flat head screwdriver, by lifting up on plastic tabs.

Step 3: Remove the fog light housing from the bumper by squeezing the tabs and pushing them through the hole that secures them

1 - fog light housing
2 - housing out of c ar

Step 4: Insert 5202 BFxenon HID bulbs directly into the housings (housings supplied in RS-Package kits) and secure them in place with the clips on the bulb. Make sure both sides clamp down

Step 5: Mount ballasts close enough to be able to connect them to the light bulb

Driver Side

3 - mount ballast

Passenger Side

Step 6:  Mount relay.  Attach Red Power lead to battery terminal under the hood.  Mount Black Ground wire to the fender bolt or other ground.


5 ground wire

Power lead:

6 - power wire

Ground wire:

6 - power wire

Wiring harness diagram:

8 wiring diagram

Step 7: Run the fog light switch into the cab.
*We ran the switch through the fender well and into the wire loom through the door. We had to add about 2’ of wire to accommodate the necessary length.
*You could also run it directly through the firewall by the brake master cylinder.

9 mounting switch

Find Power in the fuse box, Tap into the radio power, or use other switch controlled power source:

11 fuse box
12 fuse tap installed

Step 8: Re-attach the positive battery connection and turn everything on. This is just to ensure everything lights up properly before you secure the ballasts and wires.

Step 9: Secure the HID ballast within the range of the connections so there is no stress on the bulb. Some recommended locations are; firewall, radiator mounting brace, front bumper brace, etc. (Some of these may not be the best option for every vehicle)

Step 10: Secure all the loose wiring away from any moving parts and out of the way of extreme heat.

14 forward facing light
13 fog lights on

Step 11: Enjoy your new HID fog lights!

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