Katana LED Headlight Bulbs Review

This is our review of Katana LED headlight bulbs. 

Katana’s LED headlight bulbs offer a great balance of features, performance, and value. They may not be the cheapest LED headlight bulbs you can buy, but they’re far from the most expensive. 

There are also some finer details that we need to go over, and doing so should help you make a more informed buying decision about Katana LED headlight bulbs. 

We test and review all things ‘headlights’. So if you needed help figuring out if Katana’s LED headlight bulbs are for you, leave it to us. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Katana LED headlight bulbs. 

Katana Headlight Bulbs Overview 

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Katana LED headlight bulbs are worth a second look if you’re in the market for a solid pair of LEDs to put on your next project car or daily driver. 

These LEDs combine a durable build with efficient power consumption to enable better longevity. The performance side of things also features impressive brightness, a cooler white look, and other stuff you’d expect from a high-end pair of bulbs, albeit at a more reasonable price. 

Build Quality

Katana really went the extra mile with the design and construction of their LED headlight bulbs. Aviation grade aluminum dominates the design, making these some of the most lightweight headlight bulbs on offer. 

The high-end materials don’t stop there though. You get a copper-plated board that improves electrical conductivity and helps with heat dissipation. Not to mention, this is one of the slimmer LED headlight bulbs we’ve tested, making it a breeze to install in even older vehicles. 

You get a 360 degree adjustable beam that makes calibrating the LEDs a lot more ergonomic. 


Bringing it over to the performance side of things, we’re glad to report that while they may not be the brightest LED headlight bulbs we’ve ever seen, they’re not too far off either. 

Katana LED bulbs can manage as much as 12,000 lumens of brightness, perfect for lighting your path at night.

It’s not as bright as some of the brightest LED headlights we’ve seen, but more than you will probably ever need. 

And Katana’s LED headlight bulbs make the best of their lower performance by offering significantly longer throw and improved beam calibration to boot. 

Color Profile

The brightness may be a bit lacking, but the color profile is anything but. Katana LED headlight bulbs have a cool, 6500K color temperature across the board, even for the less expensive models. 

This, alongside the uniform beam pattern and focused beam make for a night-and-day difference in terms of visibility, especially if you’re coming from a set of stock halogens. 

We do wish the beam was a bit wider and let in more of the roadside as well, but that’s pretty much the only qualm we have with the performance of Katana’s LED headlight bulbs. 

Power Consumption

One major benefit of the lower brightness output of these bulbs is that they are quite power-efficient. 

We never found these bulbs to draw too much power, which is great news for the electrical systems on older vehicles which might not be able to run higher power headlights effectively. 


If the manufacturer was trying to save a few bucks here and there, they must have forgotten about the cooling! Katana’s LED headlight bulbs take a page out of more expensive competitor’s books with the heat management design of their bulbs. 

Besides the aviation-grade aluminum, you also get a copper-core heatsink for improved heat dissipation. That heatsink is helped along by a 12,000 RPM dual ball bearing fan that improves airflow and prevents overheating of the bulb. 

Noise Levels

We weren’t completely sold on the coverless design of Katana’s LED headlight bulbs at first. 

But it actually proved to be even quieter than other headlight bulbs we’ve tested. We never had to put up with any buzzing or humming from these headlight bulbs, even when they had been running for longer periods. 


And of course, like any LED headlight bulb that draws less power, Katana’s lineup benefits from much better longevity. In fact, you can expect over 50,000 hours of usage with these LED headlight bulbs, which is right up there with the best of the best. 


And the cherry on top of it all: the inexpensive price of Katana’s LED headlight bulbs. We found their lineup to be pretty reasonably priced, given the level of performance and features you get. 

Again, these aren’t exactly budget LED headlight bulbs, but they still manage to avoid the hefty price tags that come with more premium options. It is our opinion that Katana LED headlight bulbs provide a great balance of value and performance. 


If you aren’t sold on Katana’s LED headlight bulb offerings, here are a couple alternatives for you to consider.


Sealight’s LED headlights are a bit more expensive than Katana, but the extra cost is definitely worth it. You get noticeably brighter light output, efficient cooling, and a couple other features that only money can buy. 

Power consumption is a tad higher, but that goes with the territory. That’s not to say that these bulbs are so power-hungry that they’ll drain your battery, but the fact remains that higher brightness needs more power. 


Carifex’s LED headlight bulbs take a similar approach to the design and performance as Katana, but to an even higher degree. 

For one, they are squarely on the budget end of the spectrum, and the performance reflects that a bit too much. And while the brightness is just ok for a set of LEDs, it still puts even the brightest stock halogens to shame. 

And just like the Katan lineup, these bulbs draw a lot less power and offer a ton more longevity. That said, the color temperature is just as ultra pure white, making us love the look even more. 


So there you have it. Katana makes a really compelling set of LED headlights. The brightness won’t stack up against the brightest of bright LEDs, but it’s plenty for day-to-day, or rather, night-to-night driving. 

The look and aesthetics are uncompromised, and best-in-class longevity helps the lower brightness go down a lot easier. Add to that the competitive pricing, and you’ve got a recipe for success! 

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