Led Headlight Conversion Problems

In this article, we’re going to touch on LED headlight conversion problems.

Making a conversion to LED headlights is a brilliant investment. But there are a few factors that could give you a headache. The most common among these is a light output that is not consistent, or that starts flickering after a while.

These kinds of problems mostly relate to one single factor.

LEDs, in short, use your vehicle’s power supply and converts it into electricity that can be used to fire up the LEDs. It works better with some vehicles than others, and this makes the results of such a conversion inconsistent.

Keep reading – this is a quick guide to make sure you get the best out of your conversion, and also sidestep some of the more obvious potholes.

Why Convert Your Car’s Headlights To LED

By far the greatest benefit of conversion to LED headlights, is a low power, high luminance ratio.

LED lights are on average around 80% more effective than halogen lamps, and the resultant strain on the car’s electrical system is significantly reduced. This improves fuel economy and is especially beneficial in EVs – as you know, every watt counts here!

Also, LEDs are more versatile. They configure in various sizes and shapes, and their technology allows a more adaptive control for headlights. You could, in some configurations, even switch certain LEDs off to prevent blinding oncoming traffic.

The lifespan of LED headlights can simply not be fairly compared to halogens. LED will give you ten times as many operating hours every time.

Why You Shouldn’t Convert Your Car’s Headlights To LED

Although LED headlight conversions can be great, there are certain reasons you may want to steer clear.

The glare of certain LED conversions can simply be unbearable. Recent studies have shown it can be bad enough to cause permanent retina damage.

This kind of conversion is also a lot more expensive than halogen lights. The long-term savings are there, simply because they last longer. But the initial capital outlay can be prohibitive.

And, as mentioned before, stability with these lights can be an issue. If the configurati8on isn’t 100% right, you’re bound to have problems with flickering.

How To Avoid Issues When Converting Headlights To LED

There are several issues associated with LED conversions, but most of them are easy enough to avoid if you know how to do them.

Most new cars have DRLs (Day Running Lights.) These have been known to interfere with the operation of LED headlights. Low LED headlights or flickering may be the result of such interference.

This issue can be resolved by simply bypassing the power supply to the Day Running Lights. When you offer the headlights a separate power supply, they get the right amount of current, and the flickering problem is instantly resolved.

If your LED headlights are flickering, it could either be a weak connection, or a current issue. Before doing anything else, make sure the connections are sound. Check the housing and bulb too. Swap the flickering light with a new one to see if the bulb is defective.

How To Convert Headlights To LED

  1. Make sure you purchase the right type of LED conversion kit
  2.  Locate Your Headlight Bulbs and remove the Halogen bulbs – depending on the bulb type, it will either come out once you remove a metal clip or from an anticlockwise twist
  3.  Install the LED bulbs according to the instructions from the kit manufacturer
  4. Connect the LED ballast and ballast wiring. One end goes to the new bulb, the other to the original wiring harness
  5. Power up your headlights and test.
  6. Secure the Ballasts with double-sided tape or zip ties

A parting shot

Doing a headlight conversion to LED lights is more complicated than converting from halogen to Xenon. More things can go wrong, or may simply not work at all.

To make sure you stay sane in the process and don’t spend weeks troubleshooting, we suggest getting a reliable conversion kit, tailor-made for your vehicle make, and if you can, for the model. You’ll thank us later!

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