Meng Motorsports HID Kit Review

HID Kit: Meng Motorsports

H11 Bulb – 4300K 35w

Rating: 85 points

Kit includes:
2 – 35w Digital ballasts
1 – Pair of H11 HID bulbs
1 – Generic Install Instructions
1 – Pair of Rubber gloves (great idea!)
1 – Hardware kit w/ zip ties


Like a diamond in the rough, this kit shines above some of our previous reviews, in a number of ways!  First, and probably most important, there was a significant increase in light output!  Since I do not have thousands of dollars in scientific light testing equipment, I had to make it with a state of the art, Lux Meter.

Check it out… before the Meng Motorsport HID kit, we were at 80 lumens.

After the Meng Motorsport HID kit, we were at 135!  That’s almost 2x the light output of the factory halogen lights.

meng motorsports hid kitmeng motorsports hid kit

Meng Motorsports HID Kit


Something else about the Meng Motorsports HID kit that stood out to me was when I opened up the box, the ballasts and bulbs were in two different boxes… inside the HID bulb box was a pair of black rubber gloves.  This is GREAT!  Every HID company that knows anything about HIDs knows that you should really wear gloves when installing the headlight bulb.

NOTE: Will hid bulbs shatter if my fingers touch the glass?   ABSOLUTELY!  If your fingers touch the glass of a headlight bulb, the oils from your skin will get so hit that the bulb will literally explode… and that’s bad.

Did you know, HID lights burn cooler than hal0gen lights?  This helps protect the headlight housing from melting and is also less stress on the factory wiring.  The temperature of the factory halogen bulb was about 120 degrees… After the install, the hid running temp was a cool 97.3degrees.


Overall, I was pleased with the packaging, kit contents, performance, and look of the HIDs.  Here are a few pictures after installing the Meng Motorsports HID kit.



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