Nilight LED Headlights Review

This is our review of the LED headlights kits made by Nilight.

Nilight’s headlight kits offer a lot of upgrades and boosts in performance compared to the stock alternative.

We tested most of the headlight kits in their catalogue and really put them through their paces. Our aim was to see how well each kit stood up to general usage and some more demanding scenarios.

And thanks to our extensive history of working with automotive lighting, we knew exactly what to look for when it came to LED headlight kits.

Nilight’s headlight kits amazed us with their crisp light output, efficient power consumption, and long lasting design. We threw a lot of abuse their way, but these headlight kits just kept coming back for more.

Keep reading for a more in depth analysis of the Nilight LED headlight kits.

Our verdict

Our testing concludes that Nilight’s LED headlights are the absolute cream of the crop. They feature a blisteringly bright light output, a more aesthetic look, and impressive build quality that lasts longer than the competition.

Nilight’s LEDs get our highest recommendation for the driver who needs to up their lighting game with a higher quality kit that combines the best of all worlds.

  • Powerful throw
  • Bright output
  • Cooler colour profile
  • Improve peripheral visibility
  • Easy install
  • Pure white color is very reflective
  • Adds style
  • Long lasting
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Eliminates dark spots
  • Less power consumption
  • Additional load resistor install required in some cases

Packaging & Build Quality

Longevity is a major concern with any aftermarket headlight kit, however Nilight put all of our worries to rest. These kits feature awesome build and construction that makes them more durable, enabling drastically better lifespan.

Aluminium is seen throughout the construction and helps cool down the bulbs during extended use. This safeguards sensitive internal components and boosts overall performance. The manufacturer rates these LED kits for around 50,000 hours of usage and our tests support that claim.

Nilight’s LEDs also come outfitted with a high speed cooling fan that might as well be the supercharger on a Dodge Demon the way it sucks in air to keep the LEDs cool. Another great feature of these bulbs is their efficient power consumption.

Nilight’s kits use the latest SMD chips which consume less power while putting out higher light output (more on that below). The intelligent IC drivers allow for even lower power consumption and better performance.

Colour And Brightness

Brightness is Nilight’s strong suit. These LEDs generate a powerful beam of light that improves nighttime visibility and safety. Compared to stock bulbs, Nilight LEDs offer as much as a 400% boost in brightness.

Calibration is precise and we did not have to put up with any dark spots or blurriness with these LEDs. We loved the uniform beam pattern and exceptional precision, which combine to make your path that much more visible.

Colour temperature also benefits from the use of SMD chips. These bulbs are cooler than stock and feature a pure white look. The cooler colour profile adds tonnes of clarity to the headlight beam, helping the driver notice potential hazards in their path more easily.

The throw of Nilight’s bulbs also reaches further down the road, lighting up more of the path. Similarly, the angle of projection is wider, giving you enhanced illumination for the roadside.

Perks And Features

One feature that you don’t see that often in this category is an IP67 rating. Nilight’s kits are completely waterproof and unaffected by everything from a light drizzle to torrential showers.

CANbus ready design makes the kit that much easier to install and use. Our test vehicle did not throw up any concerning error codes and we did not have to fiddle around with additional decoders to get the best performance.


Nilight’s LED kits are well built using premium materials and high quality components. Durability is further aided by an IP67 rating and the most efficient power consumption we have seen in this category.

Performance beats out the competition with bright and powerful light output, crisp focusing, and a cooler colour profile that looks absolutely stellar on your car. To sum up, the Nilight’s are definitely worth a look if you’re considering LEDs. Just don’t look too close or you might blind yourself.

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