Nilight LED Lights Review

This is our review of Nilight’s range of LED lights. 

Nilight is one of the most popular names in the automotive LED lights space, be it for headlight bulbs, accessory lights, or a wide range of other applications. 

We have tested and reviewed a lot of their offerings and found them to be some of the best in their respective classes. Build quality is in line with other premium LED light brands, and the performance never left us wanting. 

Still, we do have some qualms that we’ll talk about in depth below. 

We’ve been in the business of testing, reviewing, and working on LED lights for over a decade, with a focus on automotive lighting. So if you need an informed opinion on an LED light brand, leave it to us. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Nilight LED lights. 

Nilight Headlight Bulbs Overview 

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Nilight is a relatively new player in the automotive lighting world, but has pretty quickly risen to the upper echelon. We often find ourselves admiring and recommending their headlight bulbs, light bars, and the like. 

This is thanks to the brand’s continued trend of offering the highest performance LED lights that come with significantly higher brightness than the competition. The impressive build quality and power-efficient design also enable longer lifespans, which is always nice to see. 

Build Quality

Nilight has a larger catalog of products than their competitors, encompassing headlight bulbs, light bars, and even wiring harnesses. Usually, such variety concerns us, since quality assurance becomes harder. 

However, the build quality of Nilight’s LED lights speaks for itself. They use high-grade materials like aluminum and copper for the design, which has the benefit of being lightweight but also highly durable. 


At the end of the day, it’s all about raw performance. And in that regard, Nilight’s LED lights hold their own. On the headlight bulb side of things, their lights can produce as much as 20,000 lumens, which puts them squarely in premium LED headlight bulb territory. 

As for their light bars, we find that Nilight goes the ‘more is more’ route. The light bars usually have more LED chips for brighter, more powerful lighting that covers a wider area. 

Color Profile

When it comes to LEDs, 6500K white is ironically the gold standard. And while a lot of Nilight’s lineup sports the ultra-white aesthetic, some lower end options only manage about 6000K. 

That’s still a lot better than stock halogen headlights, making it easier to pick out obstacles, pedestrians, and the like. Crank the color temperature up to 6500K, and you get even better visibility. 

Power Consumption

Nilight’s LED lights strike a fine balance of performance and power-efficiency. In our tests, we found that these bulbs draw less power than similarly-performing competitors. This is ideal for general use as well as special projects where you want to save as much juice as possible for other applications on your vehicle. 


Nilight’s LED lights don’t break a sweat, even when asked to perform in the most demanding scenarios. 

The highly efficient power consumption is only partly to thank for this, as Nilight LEDs also have other features aimed at keeping operating temperatures manageable. 

These include copper boards and dedicated heat sinks that make the best use of whatever airflow is provided. Boosting that airflow, you will find high-speed fans and special thermal control modules that actively monitor the heat and run the fans only as much as absolutely necessary. 

Noise Levels

Noise levels are often a concern with high-performance LEDs that have such high speed fans. But Nilight’s fans are virtually silent, even when running at full speed. That means you won’t get any weird buzzes or hums when running these LED lights for longer periods, which could become quite the nuisance. 


And now, the best part about Nilight LED lights. Despite the high performance and impressive build quality, their lineup of LED lights actually undercuts most of the competition. These are still far from budget-friendly LED lights, but the fact remains that these LEDs are generally less expensive than their competitors, many of whom they beat in terms of raw performance. 


Here are a few alternatives to Nilight LED lights that we think might be up your alley. 


Fahren is one of the OGs of the LED light industry. We like Fahren’s lineup just as much as Nilights, as it offers most of the same features and build quality, just turned up to 11! 

Fahren’s LED lights routinely offer the highest brightness in their class, along with wider angles of projection for best in class visibility. Fahren LED lights also have a color temperature of 6500K for a lot more of the lineup, compared to other brands. 

You will have to pay a prettier penny to get all of that performance however, as these LEDs tend to be a bit more expensive than what the competition has to offer. And besides dollars, you’ll also have to spend more watts, since Fahren’s LEDs draw a bit more power. 


It’s a similar story with our next contender, Firehawk. These LED lights are some of the most expensive in any class, and the power efficiency isn’t anything to write home about. 

But what you can write home about is the otherworldly performance. With just about every LED light in the lineup rated for 6500K, and offering as much as 40,000 lumens of brightness, we’re willing to pay the premium. 

Build quality also benefits from the higher price tag, as evidenced by the impressive longevity and use of the highest quality materials. 


Nilight’s LED lights have a lot to like. They’re an easy recommend and don’t have any glaring flaws that should concern you. You get high performance, great build quality, efficient enough power consumption, and a wide variety of form factors to choose from. 

All at a price that even serial penny-pinchers will be happy to contend with. 

Still, if you want even better performance, you have Fahren and Firehawk to consider. These LED lights are brighter, have a cooler color profile, and the build quality does not suffer at all. You will have to pay a bit more, but the juice might be worth the squeeze for a lot of folks. 

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Richard Nickleson is the author and owner behind Headlight Reviews. He first started the site as a hobby to share his insights on car parts and specifically headlight bulbs, but it soon ballooned and now he writes on all topics surrounding headlights bulbs. If you've got a bulb question, contact Richard here.

Nilight LED Headlights Review

This is our review of the LED headlights kits made by Nilight.

Nilight’s headlight kits offer a lot of upgrades and boosts in performance compared to the stock alternative.

We tested most of the headlight kits in their catalogue and really put them through their paces. Our aim was to see how well each kit stood up to general usage and some more demanding scenarios.

And thanks to our extensive history of working with automotive lighting, we knew exactly what to look for when it came to LED headlight kits.

Nilight’s headlight kits amazed us with their crisp light output, efficient power consumption, and long lasting design. We threw a lot of abuse their way, but these headlight kits just kept coming back for more.

Keep reading for a more in depth analysis of the Nilight LED headlight kits.

Our verdict

Our testing concludes that Nilight’s LED headlights are the absolute cream of the crop. They feature a blisteringly bright light output, a more aesthetic look, and impressive build quality that lasts longer than the competition.

Nilight’s LEDs get our highest recommendation for the driver who needs to up their lighting game with a higher quality kit that combines the best of all worlds.

  • Powerful throw
  • Bright output
  • Cooler colour profile
  • Improve peripheral visibility
  • Easy install
  • Pure white color is very reflective
  • Adds style
  • Long lasting
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Eliminates dark spots
  • Less power consumption
  • Additional load resistor install required in some cases
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Packaging & Build Quality

Longevity is a major concern with any aftermarket headlight kit, however Nilight put all of our worries to rest. These kits feature awesome build and construction that makes them more durable, enabling drastically better lifespan.

Aluminium is seen throughout the construction and helps cool down the bulbs during extended use. This safeguards sensitive internal components and boosts overall performance. The manufacturer rates these LED kits for around 50,000 hours of usage and our tests support that claim.

Nilight’s LEDs also come outfitted with a high speed cooling fan that might as well be the supercharger on a Dodge Demon the way it sucks in air to keep the LEDs cool. Another great feature of these bulbs is their efficient power consumption.

Nilight’s kits use the latest SMD chips which consume less power while putting out higher light output (more on that below). The intelligent IC drivers allow for even lower power consumption and better performance.

Colour And Brightness

Brightness is Nilight’s strong suit. These LEDs generate a powerful beam of light that improves nighttime visibility and safety. Compared to stock bulbs, Nilight LEDs offer as much as a 400% boost in brightness.

Calibration is precise and we did not have to put up with any dark spots or blurriness with these LEDs. We loved the uniform beam pattern and exceptional precision, which combine to make your path that much more visible.

Colour temperature also benefits from the use of SMD chips. These bulbs are cooler than stock and feature a pure white look. The cooler colour profile adds tonnes of clarity to the headlight beam, helping the driver notice potential hazards in their path more easily.

The throw of Nilight’s bulbs also reaches further down the road, lighting up more of the path. Similarly, the angle of projection is wider, giving you enhanced illumination for the roadside.

Perks And Features

One feature that you don’t see that often in this category is an IP67 rating. Nilight’s kits are completely waterproof and unaffected by everything from a light drizzle to torrential showers.

CANbus ready design makes the kit that much easier to install and use. Our test vehicle did not throw up any concerning error codes and we did not have to fiddle around with additional decoders to get the best performance.


Nilight’s LED kits are well built using premium materials and high quality components. Durability is further aided by an IP67 rating and the most efficient power consumption we have seen in this category.

Performance beats out the competition with bright and powerful light output, crisp focusing, and a cooler colour profile that looks absolutely stellar on your car. To sum up, the Nilight’s are definitely worth a look if you’re considering LEDs. Just don’t look too close or you might blind yourself.

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Richard Nickleson is the author and owner behind Headlight Reviews. He first started the site as a hobby to share his insights on car parts and specifically headlight bulbs, but it soon ballooned and now he writes on all topics surrounding headlights bulbs. If you've got a bulb question, contact Richard here.

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