HID Kit: O-Nex HID Kit Review

O-Nex HID Kit review summary

  • A great quality headlight kit, one of my personal favorites, although it’s becoming harder to find unfortunately
  • Simple and quick to install
  • Affordable
  • Great brightness, far better than stock
  • Becoming harder to find, over the years becoming less available

Rating: 75 points

Kit includes:
2 – 35w Digital ballasts
1 – Pair of O-Nex 9006 bulbs
1 – Generic Install Instructions
1 – Hardware kit w/ zip ties

One thing I have to say about this Onex HID Review is, there was no added value. It is a very straight forward HID kit, simple to understand, and easy to install. Everything worked (for now), which is a good sign, and with a price point of $129, it’s probably a pretty good buy. Depending on the car, I could see that you might run into a couple of questions about connecting the factory plug to the HID ballast, but other than that… no complaints.

If you have a lot of oxidation (yellowing film) on your headlight housing and want to maximize the brightness of your HID lights, you will want to replace the Suburban Headlight Housings.

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 Suburban HID Installation Instructions:

Tools Needed: None
… That’s right, none! Super easy install!

Kit needed:


Once you have opened up the hood too, take the following steps to remove the housing:
Step 1: Locate the two pins right above the headlight housing, pull to un-hinge and lift them out of the slot

 Really, once that is done, the headlights will pretty much fall out.

To install the Onex HID kit, you will need to:
1) Remove the factory bulb from the housing by turning it counterclockwise.
2) Remove the factory headlight plug from the halogen bulb
3) Insert the new Onex HID bulb into the housing
4) Mount ballast as close to the headlight housing as possible (the firewall/fender or radiator brace are good places to try)
– I like to use double-sided tape instead of zip ties or the screws that are provided
5) Take the factory headlight plug and connect it to the ballast (positive with positive/negative with negative)
6) Take the two wires coming out of the HID bulb and connect them to the ballast.
7) Repeat with the other side

Turn the headlights on to make sure everything works… then go ahead and put everything back together.

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Here is the install video if you want to see me install the lights. It literally took about 20 minutes, said and done…


O-Nex HID Kit

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