Philips Standard OEM Halogen Headlight Review

If you’re looking to replace your headlight bulb with something similar to the original equipment manufacturer bulb, the Philips Standard Halogen bulb works just fine. It’s inexpensive ($15/each at Pep Boys or on sale right now for $15 for a pair at They’re nothing special and aren’t as bright as some of the other aftermarket bulbs like the Sylvania Silverstar Ultra’s, but if you aren’t looking for anything flashy they’re a good option. The packaging isn’t anything to write home about…they’re not trying to impress you with fancy marketing, they’re just helping you replace your stock headlights.

Philips Standard 03

The Good
With this Philips bulb, you know what you’re getting and it’s easy to install. It’s a simple plug and plays. It doesn’t require any cutting of wires or mounting an HID ballast, you simply remove the old headlight and install the new. The bulb size is the same as the bulb that comes in your vehicle when you purchase it. You may not think this is important and may think you want a larger bulb (for a brighter light), but a larger bulb may actually damage your headlight housing. Some companies, like Luminics, increase the size of their headlights in hopes of getting a brighter light.

While they are able to increase light output, they also increase heat output. In fact, they produce so much heat that Luminics also sells a harness to act as a buffer between your headlight and stock headlight cables (which, as it turns out, is to prevent the headlight from burning (ultimately ruining) your headlight wiring.

Philips Standard Bulb
OEM HalogenOEM Halogen

Philips Standard OEM Halogen Headlight Bulb

The Bad
This headlight bulb isn’t quite as bright as some of the other halogens out on the market, such as the Sylvania mentioned above or the higher end Philips Xtreme Vision. Furthermore, it definitely won’t be as bright as any HID kit on the market.

Philips Standard Headlight in Projector Housing

Additionally, the color of the bulb, to us, is boring. It’s the standard yellowish-white you get with standard halogen bulbs. As such, it doesn’t seem to let off as much light as it would if it were closer to a white color. The photo below shows it in comparison to the Sylvania Silverstar Headlight Bulb. The Silverstar has a slightly whiter color to it while Philips is a little more yellow. In addition, Sylvania is a little brighter.

Philips Standard 09

The Bottom Line
If you’re not an auto aficionado or a light snob, and you’re just looking to swap out a burned-out headlight on your vehicle, the Phillips Standard OEM Halogen headlight bulb does the trick. It takes just a few minutes to install and will give you straight-from-the-factory performance. They’re on sale at for only $15.99 for the pair.

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