Torchbeam LED Headlight Bulbs Review

This is our review of Torchbeam LED headlight bulbs.

Torchbeam’s LED bulbs are a great all-round headlight package. These bulbs offer high brightness, clear and highly visible lighting, and a couple other features that are sure to please. 

We’ve been testing and reviewing headlight bulbs for over a decade. So if you’re still on the fence about Torchbeam headlight bulbs, allow us to help you make a worthwhile decision.  

Here, we’ll go in-depth on all of the most important features and performance metrics for Torchbeam LED headlight bulbs. So if you wanted to know the good, the bad, and the ugly, you came to the right place. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Torchbeam’s LED headlight bulbs. 

Torchbeam Headlight Bulbs Overview 

Torchbeam’s LED headlight bulbs are pretty much the complete package. Name a feature or a performance metric, and these LED bulbs probably offer the best version of it. 

For your money, you get one of the highest brightness ratings of any LED headlight bulb, a pure white color profile that makes every obstacle and road sign on the road that much easier to notice, and a long list of other features that come in really handy for nighttime driving. 

Build Quality

Build quality is one of Torchbeam’s strong suits. The main body of all of their LED headlight bulbs is made from the highest grade of aluminum commercially available. This keeps the whole bulb lightweight, easy to install, and also helps it shed heat more effectively. 

Having tested a variety of their headlights, we have no complaints when it comes to the durability or quality of build. 

We also like the fact that all of the drivers are incorporated into the headlight body itself, so there are no messy wires or connectors hanging out. 


Torchbeam solidify themselves as one of the highest-performing LED headlight bulb brands on the market by offering some of the brightest and most high output bulbs. 

While their lineup has bulbs with all different levels of brightness, we are quite impressed by the high end stuff. And here, you can find bulbs that offer as much as 40,000 lumens of brightness. 

The beam is powerful and extends a lot further onto the road for even better visibility. 

Color Profile

That same high performance is apparent from the color temperature. A lot of this lineup comes with 6500K ultra pure white light. 

This is ideal for picking out other vehicles, road signs, stray animals, pedestrians, and the like while driving at night. That said, we have to commend Torchbeam on how uniform the beam pattern is and how well-calibrated it is, providing blur-free lighting all the time. 

Power Consumption

Power consumption is, unfortunately, a bit higher to facilitate the higher brightness and cooler white color profile. Still, Torchbeam outfit their LED headlight bulbs with intelligent IC drivers that effectively regulate power consumption and prevent any electrical damage from harming the LED bulbs themselves. 


All of that power and performance means Torchbeam put a lot of emphasis on cooling as well. Besides the high-efficiency 12,000 RPM cooling fan, these bulbs are also outfitted with a copper board and a condensate tube that improve cooling by a factor of 10!

And when you factor in the impressive heat dissipation provided by the aluminum body, you get arguably the best set up cooling system in any LED headlight bulb. 

In our tests, we never found these bulbs to become too hot, even when pushed to the limit and asked to perform in the most demanding of scenarios. 

Noise Levels

Noise levels are barely noticeable, even when the fan is running at full speed. The only time we noticed these headlight bulbs make any sound at all was on very hot days when they had been running for a while and the car was stationary. 

When the vehicle is stationary for long periods, the fans do need to ramp up in order to improve airflow, so we aren’t going to dock too many points. 


But the real benefit of all that high performance cooling and intelligent power regulation is the enhanced lifespan of these LED headlight bulbs. They can offer an absolutely astounding 50,000 hours at the high end, making them one of the longest lasting LED headlight bulbs in any class. 


You’ll have to pay a bit more for all that awesome performance and longevity. Torchbeam’s LED headlight bulbs are anything but budget-friendly, but we think when you consider the level of performance you get for your money, it’s ultimately worth it. 


And if Torchbeam’s lineup doesn’t quite speak to you, there are some alternatives for you to consider. 


Firehawk takes a similar approach to the task of making an LED headlight bulb as Torchbeam, in that they provide all of the power and performance and then leave you to figure out the rest. 

Their LED headlight bulbs offer some of the highest brightness on the market, with some models being capable of 40,000 lumens. Pretty much the entire lineup is rated to generate 6500K ultra pure white light, and the bulbs have plenty of other features that you’ll find really useful. 


Fahren’s LED headlight bulbs are another fine choice if what you want is high performance and best-in-class build quality. These bulbs use a lot of the same durable materials and high-end componentry as Torchbeam, which enables better lifespan and outstanding performance. 

You don’t really get a huge difference in price, which can be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it. But ultimately, Fahren is another brand worth looking into for premium LED headlight bulbs.


So that’s Torchbeam LED headlight bulbs in a nutshell. They are a high performance set of LED headlight bulbs and offer all of the features you can expect to come with that moniker. 

And if you aren’t sold on Torchbeam’s lineup of bulbs, Fahren and Firehawk also put their own twists on the concept for you to consider. 

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