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How to install Toyota Venza Fog Lights Plasma LED fog light review and install

Toyota Venza Fog Light bulb number = H11

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The fog light install is actually very easy.  The ride height of the Toyota Venza makes the fog lights very accessible. For this install, the only tool you will need in a 10mm ratchet and socket.  If you didn’t have that, technically you could use a large Phillips Screwdriver.



Seen below are the 10mm bolts that need to be removed to access the fog light bulb.  I actually only removed 3 bolts from each side and pulled the plastic splash guard down in order to access the bulb.

venza fog light removal 2

Venza fog light removal

Once you pull the splash guard down, you could reach your hand into the fender well, behind the bumper to remove the bulb.  When removing the Toyota Venza fog lights, you simply turn the base of the bulb counter-clockwise.  It will pop right out and you can remove the wiring harness from the bulb

Venza fog light housing

Here is a look at the Toyota Venza fog light bulb out of the housing.  As mentioned above, simply remove the wiring harness from the factory halogen bulb and plug it into the new LED Plasma bulb from

venza fog light bulb - h11

Because you could plug the H11 plug into the fog light the right way and the “wrong way” (polarity reversed), I suggest having someone turn the fog lights on before you install the light back into the housing and bolt the splash guard back in place.  This will prevent you from having to take everything apart again.

vanix led fog light bulb

Here it is!  Illuminated Toyota Venza LED fog light

venza led fog light bulb on

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