XenonPro LED Headlight Kit Review

XenonPro LED Headlight Review Summary

XenonPro LED HeadlightXenonPro LED Headlight
  • Ultra-bright lighting
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Free 2-day shipping
  • Customizable kit fits 99% of cars
  • Aluminum design w/ built-in cooler fan
  • High-quality bulbs and components
  • Lifetime warranty w/ free replacement partsNot compatible on cars w/ stock HID
  • The premium price point for upgraded kits
  • Not compatible on cars w/ stock HID
  • The premium price point for upgraded kits

With LEDs continuing to dominate the aftermarket automotive lighting market, we’re excited to start reviewing some of the most promising LED Headlight kits on the market.

For our first LED conversion kit review, we picked one of the most popular and sought-after premium kits on the market today, the best LED headlight kit.

Although on the more expensive end of the price scale, this kit comes highly recommended and boasts some German-engineered bulbs and components as well as a lifetime warranty (the best we’ve seen in the industry is three years).

IMPORTANT! – Make sure you have the correct bulb sizing and fitment so you don’t waste your money, use this handy tool to double check.

The XenonPro LED headlight kits are available and can be customized based on:

  • Color (white, yellow, blue and purple); and
  • Maximum brightness (from 25 watts/5000 lumens to 45 watts/9000 lumens).

Depending on your car and the set of lights you want to upgrade, XenonPro kits are available for all lighting system types (single beam and dual beam) for low and high beams as well as fog lights.

On a side note, we were impressed with the vehicle finder that automatically filters the exact bulbs based on your specific car, which made for a pleasant shopping experience

In order to achieve maximum brightness and get a good feel for how powerful LEDs really are, we went with the upgraded 45-watt kit in white and we were not deceived. The upgrade from 25 watts to 45 watts ran us an extra 40 bucks but nearly doubled the brightness.

XenonPro.com advertises free 2-day shipping, which is great, but we actually got the kit in three days by FedEx (probably because we ordered the kit late in the evening).

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the XenonPro LEDs and our stock halogen bulbs. The difference was quite impressive. The kit took under 30 minutes to install, about 10 minutes per side. The installation can take longer if your lights are harder to access.

We received the kit in a matte black cardboard box with a notewritten on the front, which was a bit underwhelming. The kit was at least well packaged for shipping. The box and lights came intact. The package required a signature by FedEx so if you’re not home you’ll have to go pick them up at a nearby post office or FedEx facility.

The lights and drivers came in a tightly secured foam mold, although not fancy, it definitely kept the contents secure. Each bulb was individually sealed in a protective casing, which was quite impressive.

We did not need a warning canceller but we’re guessing that they just pop it on top if you need one for your car.

The lights themselves were slightly different than what we expected but for the better. Not only was the fan smaller and better ventilated than expected but the light had four LED strips, which very likely explains why they are so powerful and bright. You can only see two sides in the image below, but they go all the way around.

The micro-fan will be great for cars with not much room inside the headlight housing and will ensure that the temperature is regulated. Stay away from LED kits that come unventilated, it can be really hazardous from our research.

XenonPro LED headlight installation

Last but not least, the installation. Being used to HID installs, this LED install was, to say the least, a breeze. Truly plug and play. The installation instruction booklet was not exactly thorough but enough to get you through the job. They have better resources on their website than what we saw.

Fair warning though, like HID kits, you may need to find a video tutorial on YouTube to learn how to access your lights. These kits are plug and play but only once you reach the headlight.

Anyway, once you get to your headlamp, pop out your halogen bulb and slip in the LED. Plug it right into the same harness as your halogen bulbs for power and you’ll be on your way.

Additional information on LED kits

LEDs (light-emitting diode) are at least 50% brighter than HIDs and two times brighter than halogen bulbs while consuming a fraction of the energy.

Unlike HIDs that take a few seconds to reach peak brightness, LEDs instantly emit the full light capacity due to their advanced technology. Further, their life span is at least 500% longer than HIDs and halogen bulbs.

LEDs are significantly easier to install compared to HIDs due to the fact that they don’t require ballasts, relay harnesses, resistor kits and in most cases, no warning cancellers. This reduces installation time and complexity significantly.

For more information check out an extensive guide on the differences between LED Vs. HID headlights.

XenonPro LED HeadlightXenonPro LED Headlight

XenonPro LED
Headlight Kit

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