Xentec H13 Bi-Xenon HID Kit Review

Kit Features and Benefits:

+ HID Xenon Bulb: Ultra Bright 3600 lumen Xenon bulb: Produces up to 5x brighter light than halogen, uses 35% less power, increases visibility, and made to last up to 5000-hour lifetime

+ Ballast: 35w Slim Ballast: Super bright 3100-lumen performance, reduced flickering with non-cycling technology, Six-Sigma quality manufacture

+ Installation: Easy to Use Plug-and-Play with QuickSnap connectors. It can be installed on any compatible vehicle. Not all applicable vehicles are included in the compatibility list, check Sylvania’s website to ensure correct bulb size

+ 100% Water, shock, and rumble resistance, Six-Sigma Quality Assurance Testing

+ Each Kit Includes: 2 HID Xenon Bulbs (On Hi-Lo, High Beam is still halogen, for both Hi and Lo beam, see Bi-Xenon) 2 Xentec 35w Alloy Slim Ballasts

Xentec H13 Bi-Xenon HID Kit Review:

2.5 out of 5 stars Shakin my head never again….., July 20, 2013
Jonathan Barboza
This review is for XENTEC H13/9008 10000K HID Slim Ballast HID Xenon Kit (Brillant Blue) single beam offroad

These HID bulbs are terrible…they are nothing but cheap. You can not see at night with these, can nearly see what’s in front of you…my regular halogen lights were way better than these. I wouldn’t even recommend these for off-road use.

The storms Oklahoma had back in May of 2013 were pretty brutal…and these sad excuses for headlights didn’t help with the situation the only way I could tell that there were people in front of me was because of their tail lights or the lightning flashes. After the storm when all the power was out in the streets and trees had fallen into the roads, these lights couldn’t help lead the way not even in total darkness.

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