Xentec HID Kit Review

Xentec HID Kit Review Summary

Xentec HID KitXentec HID Kit
  • Each bundle contain 2 bulbs, 2 ballast, and accessories
  •  Felt it was a great bang for your buck option in terms of HID kits
  •  Entire kit only took 30 minutes to install
  • Affordable option while still maintaining quality
  • 8 different colors to select from
  •  Extremely bright
  • Very cool looking blue light
  • If you’re looking for ultra bright headlights then these won’t do, although they’re stick far brighter than stock headlights

We recently tested the Xentec HID kit in our Toyota 4Runner. We went with the 8000k kit to see how the color would vary from our 6000K Kensun kit, and we wanted to see how the quality compared. Ultimately, we wanted to give our readers a less expensive option when making their decision on HID headlights.

When the kit came in the mail, we immediately noticed a difference in the size of the box vs our other HID kits we have reviewed. The contents of the box looked, well, cheap compared to the other kits. The image below shows the difference between a normal-sized ballast and the ballast int he Xentec kit.

IMPORTANT! – Make sure you have the correct bulb sizing and fitment so you don’t waste your money, use this handy tool to double check.

The Xentec ballast on the left is a quarter the size of the JLM ballast on the right. The JLM ballast is exactly the same size as the VVME and the Kensun ballasts on the HID kits we’ve also reviewed. It’s evident from the photo that the Xentec ballast on the right is going to be more durable and longer-lasting than the one on the left.

The Xentec Kit came with everything you see below:

Xentec HID Kit

  • 2 ballasts
  • 2 HID headlights
  • 2 foam application pads
  • 1 instruction sheet
  • 2 sets of connection cables

While the kit comes with all of these items, the quality of each of these items leaves a lot to be desired. As previously mentioned, the ballasts are made out of plastic, the connection cables have to be assembled, the instructions are one paragraph long, and the kit does not come with a cable that connects directly to the positive terminal on your battery.

The kit only took about 30 minutes to install. We’ve got to be honest…if we hadn’t previously installed HID kits, we wouldn’t have known how to install this kit. The instruction sheet that comes with the kit is a joke.

Xentec HID Headlights (39 of 84)

Once installed, the Xentec kit actually doesn’t look too bad, although it wasn’t very bright.

Xentec HID Headlights (68 of 84)

Xentec HID Headlights (76 of 84)

The 8000k Xentec Kit vs. a standard Halogen bulb has a blue color to it, and is a little brighter. However, compared to other kits we’ve reviewed, it’s extremely weak and very low quality. The kit only costs $35, which is cheap, but with this kit, you get what you pay for…a cheap kit that won’t last very long.

Rather than waste $35 now on a Xentec kit and risk getting caught in the dark on the road, we’d recommend purchasing the Kensun Bi-Xenon kit. It’s a little more expensive but is more durable, brighter, and better quality than the Xentec Kit.

Amazon has the Kensun kit for just under $70. They’re a better bang for your buck and will last you years. Check out our review of the Kensun Kit.

Xentec HID KitXentec HID Kit

Xentec HID Kit

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