The Best GMC Sierra LED Headlight Bulb

This is my buying guide on the best GMC Sierra LED Headlight Bulbs in 2024. Below is a quick summary of my top recommendations. Scroll further down to read our in-depth, hands-on reviews, for each headlight brand.

Having clear visibility is crucial for safety, especially for driving at night. Upgrading your GMC Sierra’s headlight bulbs once your factory-fitted bulbs burn out can significantly enhance your driving experience. In this article, I review two of the best-LED headlight bulbs available for the GMC Sierra, with the Novsight N52 taking the top spot and Lasfit LS Plus as the second choice.

Top Choice
Novsight N52 LED Headlight Bulb
LASFIT LS Pro Headlight Bulb

GMC Sierra LED Headlight

GMC Sierra LED Headlight
  • Automotive Grade Chips100W/Pair(50W/Bulb)
  • Lumen – 20,000LM/Pair (10,000LM/Bulb)
  • 6500K Color Temperature
  • Operating Voltage: DC9-32V
  • Operating Current: 4A±10%
  • Waterproof Level: IP68
  • LED chips: 24pcs SMD 3030 LED Chips
  • 2-year warranty
  • 4,500 lumens per bulb
  • 6,000k color temperature  
  • Braided cables connecting the external driver
  • Huge heat fan
  • Best every heat retention after 27 minutes of 93%
  • Projector initial lux rating of 1,816
  • Reflector initial lux rating of 3,710
  • IP68 rating
  • 360° adjustable beam
  • 45W power each
  • 1-year Warranty

The refreshed GMC Sierra LED Headlight range has some exciting changes to its headlights. The traditional vertically stacked three-light cluster is being upgraded to four. The blocky signature look of former models will adopt a more organic style, and LEDs will now be standard.

So what GMC Sierra LED Headlights will you need when the factory-installed ones burn out?

That’s why you’re here, right? I’ve been testing automobile lights for over a decade, and I’m constantly on top of the latest and greatest.

I borrowed my buddy’s GMC Sierra, put 12 different bulbs through their paces, and narrowed it down to the top 2.

The Novsight N52 LED’s are the clear winner; they’re the brightest I’ve tested with a close runner up being the Lasfit LS PLus Series.

Novsight N52 LED Headlight Bulbs


Overall Best GMC Sierra LED Headlight Bulb

My journey with the Novsight N52 LED headlight bulbs began by perusing its published specifications. 

Under the hood of each bulb lies a CSP chip that produces 100W 6500K 20000ML high brightness output. This makes the Novsight N52 bulb significantly brighter than the factory halogen light and is guaranteed to help improve night driving vision. Knowing the Sierra’s might, I was thrilled to match it with lighting power that would cut through the darkest nights like a knife through butter.

The perfect beam pattern that the Novsight N52 LED produces, I could already visualize how this crisp, white light would change the night-time driving game in the GMC Sierra, transforming every late-night run into a day-like cruise.

Each bulb draws a solid 50 watts per bulb, balancing this power with an advanced heat management system that marries aerospace-grade material construction with an AI temperature control system. Plus, a 12000 RPM turbo fan ensures the bulb stays cool while performing its luminary magic.

The N52 LED bulb is also rated IP68, signifying its resilience to the elements. This was a key feature for me, as the Sierra tends to throw up dust and water on our regular off-road trips.

Equipped with intelligent IC driver tech, the Novsight N52 is Can BUS ready and error-free, a feature that promises no annoying dashboard notifications popping up on the Sierra.

All of this, including a comforting 2-year warranty, only heightened my anticipation of the forthcoming tests and road adventures with the Novsight N52 and my buddy’s GMC Sierra.

The brightest LED headlights I’ve tested and a beam pattern which has been perfected to bring you a wider range of illumination and make a great choice for fog lights. Take a look at my results below; they’ll blow you away as much as they did me.

Supporting your Purchase of your GMC Sierra LED Headlight

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The Novsight N52 LED headlight bulbs, also known as the Novsight Green, are very well-priced. I was keen to see how these headlights would perform in a GMC Sierra. Check out the results below.

Neat Features of the Novsight N52 LED

I absolutely love this! The N52s have an external driver shaped rather endearingly like a small car. 

I appreciated additional attention to detail, such as the Novsight logo added to the base and the side of the bulb.

It’s this kind of intelligent marketing that Novsight is well known for.

What’s in the Box?

In the box, I discovered not just the lights themselves but also a few additional surprises — a thank you card, some zip ties for attaching the external drivers, and a nano traceless magic sticker for secure attachment. 

There was even a cool-looking keychain and a basic instruction manual, which was largely unnecessary given that these bulbs are plug-and-play.

My hands-on experience with the Novsight N52 began with examining the bulb. 

Its unique angled design across the top was intriguing, and I wondered if it would play a part in the light output or cooling. 

The quality of the materials and the finish gave me the sense that this was a well-made product. 

Testing on a GMC Sierra

The Novsight N52 specs are promising, but did they deliver on performance? Let’s see.

Projector Test

When I slotted the Novsight N52 into the projector setup, the results were striking. With a staggering 1,836 lux output, the bulbs outshone the regular halogens by an impressive 1,111 lux. 

After about 27 minutes, the bulbs maintained a sturdy 77% of their initial brightness, a commendable performance given their high initial output. This translated to 1,413 lux, a clear 688 lux brighter than the halogens. 

Observing the projector light pattern compared to the halogens was enlightening. While the beam was somewhat narrower, the cut-off line was remarkably straight, and the hot spot was positioned appropriately. 

Reflector Test

Moving on to the reflector setup, the Novsight N52 continued to impress. These bulbs pumped out a whopping 3,620 lux, a significant 2,710 lux brighter than the standard halogens. 

After the 27-minute mark, the output dipped to 77% of the initial brightness, mirroring the performance observed in the projector test. However, with such a bright initial output, even at 77%, the bulbs managed a luminous 2,786 lux, a full 1,875 lux brighter than the halogens.

Evaluating the reflector light pattern revealed a slightly wavy top cut-off compared to the halogens and some light scattering at the bottom. It felt like the bulbs struggled to channel their high output, underscoring the need for careful alignment.

Heat Management

As for the heat management, the N52 pulled slightly less wattage than advertised — 41.4 watts, to be precise, which was 8.6 less than the stated 50 watts. 

After 27 minutes of runtime, the bulb’s temperature climbed to 237°F, while the driver maintained a cooler 152°F.

On the Road with the GMC Sierra LED Headlight from Novsight

Equipping the Sierra with the Novsight N52 and hitting the open road, the practical advantages were immediately apparent. 

The beams pierced through the night with ease, transforming the road into a stage well-lit for the Sierra’s performance. The powerful 360° beam pattern and substantial 1,500ft distance brought everything into crisp focus.

As I navigated the darkly-lit streets, the beam patterns I had earlier observed in the tests made themselves evident. Despite some scattered light, the road signs were visible, and I could see that all obstacles ahead were clearly illuminated.

The Novsight N52 didn’t just light up the road; they lit up my drive in the Sierra, making my journey a delightful experience.

What Other Drivers Are Saying about Novsights GMC Sierra LED Headlight

GMC Sierra drivers rate the Novsight N52 LED headlight bulbs at 4.5/5. 

The simple installation and the long download brightness are the top comments from customers.

They perform well but appear to burn out well before the marketed longevity claim of 100,000 hours.

Final Thoughts on the Novsight N52

The Novsight N52 offers quite a bit for its modest price tag of under ninety dollars a pair (and if you use our code – HEADLIGHTREVIEWS when you Click Here you will save 25% on your purchase)It’s bright, well-constructed, and reasonably efficient in terms of heat management. 

While I wish the beam pattern were a bit broader and more controlled, it’s no deal-breaker. Just be sure to aim them carefully to get the most out of these bulbs with your specific headlight housing. It’s definitely a worthwhile investment for your GMC Sierra.

  • 10,000 lumens per bulb
  • 600% brighter than halogens
  • 50 watts of power each
  • 77% heat retention after 27 minutes
  • Projector initial lux rating of 1,836
  • Reflector initial lux rating of 3,620
  • IP68 rating
  • 100,000 hours longevity (advertised)
  • External driver shaped like a car
  • Sturdy and robust units
  • 2-year warranty
  • Beam pattern is a little scattered
  • May not last the advertised hours

LASFIT LS Pro, our Top Runner-up for Best GMC Sierra LED Headlight  

The Lasfit LS Plus LED headlight bulbs caught my eye, especially with their similar shape to the halogen bulb that comes stock with the GMC Sierra. But how do they perform? Very impressively, take a look.

Advertised Specifications

One thing I respect about Lasfit is that it doesn’t exaggerate its specs. What’s advertised is what I got.

Unlike some out-of-this-world claims, Lasfit says each bulb emits 4,500 lumens. That’s 600% brighter than your average halogens. I was immediately excited at the prospect of substantially increasing visibility for those late-night rides. 

The promise of a 360° adjustable pattern, projecting up to a distance of 1,500ft, added to my anticipation.

The listed color temperature was 6000K — a crisp, pure white that I knew would transform the night into day when behind the wheel of the Sierra. 

Coupled with the IP68 rating, these bulbs were designed to handle all the dust and water the Sierra would undoubtedly kick up during our off-road escapades. I was impressed; this level of weather resistance promised a robust, reliable performance under any conditions.

I checked the power draw, and the specs listed 45 watts each. This was a refreshingly realistic number compared to the sometimes-inflated claims you see on the market. 

One of the unique features that set the Lasfit LS Plus apart was its heat management system. The specs revealed that it had a dual 0.8mm copper substrate combined with a single 2.0mm copper pipe. 

This configuration promised 2 to 3 times faster thermal efficiency. The 40mm dual ball design cooling fan and 42mm heat dissipation system suggested this unit would stay cool and keep its light output high, no matter how long my journeys might be.

In addition, these bulbs came with an external driver and an adjustable collar, a handy feature for fine-tuning beam alignment. 

As for longevity, the advertised lifespan was an impressive 50,000 hours, and if they manage the heat as well as I expect them to, they might actually last that long.

To cap it off, the two-year warranty and 45-day money-back guarantee offered me the peace of mind that I was making a secure investment. 

Neat Features of the Lasfit LS Pro

Upon first inspection, the Lasfit LS Plus goes for a standard design — nothing groundbreaking but reliable choice for a GMC Sierra LED Headlight. The stiff, braided cables and ultra-compact driver were nice touches. 

But the real standout feature was the hefty heat sink and fan at the back. Quite literally, some serious junk in the trunk!

What’s in the Box?

Opening up the box, I was immediately impressed with the attention to detail in its design. Inside, I found a bunch of cool stickers, the lights themselves, and a wrench for adjusting the collar. It’s clear that Lasfit put thought into this package.

Testing on a GMC Sierra

Moving on to the hands-on testing with my buddy’s GMC Sierra, it’s worth noting the Lasfit LS Plus’s substantial heatsink and fan. It’s a sizable unit, so if your Sierra’s headlights have dust caps, you’ll want to ensure these will fit.

Despite their size, the bulbs were a smooth install due to their shape mimicking that of the halogens they replaced.

Projector Test

The Lasfit LS Plus performed admirably in the projector housing of my Sierra, pulling an impressive 1,816 lux — a substantial increase of 1,091 over the halogen baseline making it a great choice for the GMC Sierra LED Headlight. 

What truly surprised me was how well these bulbs managed heat. After 27 minutes, they retained a whopping 93% of that light output (13% higher than average), all thanks to the significant fan and heatsink.

The beam pattern was fuller on the ends, albeit slightly narrow in the middle. The cutoff was a bit fuzzy, but not a significant issue for the GMC Sierra LED Headlight.

Reflector Test

When it came to testing in the reflector housing, the LS Plus outshone expectations with 3,710 lux. That’s 2,800 more than the halogen’s 910 lux. 

The light output remained efficient, keeping a remarkable 93% of its brightness over 27 minutes, demonstrating its superior heat management.

However, the bulb seemed to struggle with defining the cutoff, and there was some loss of control below the line.

Heat Management

The real show-stealer when it comes to the Lasfit LS Plus is how it manages heat. After a solid 27 minutes of running time, I took a reading and was surprised to see the main unit’s temperature remained remarkably low, clocking in at just 132°F. The driver kept even cooler at a neat 124°F.

Much of this stellar cooling capability can be attributed to the robust fan nestled on the unit’s back, which works tirelessly to dissipate the heat. It’s worth noting, though, that this little powerhouse doesn’t exactly go about its job quietly.

Another feature that genuinely impressed me was the bulbs’ ability to maintain consistent wattage. During my test, they pulled a steady 43.1 watts, only a slight dip from the advertised 45 watts.

On the Road with the GMC Sierra

Once I had these babies installed in the Sierra, I was excited to hit the open road and see how they performed in real-world conditions as an option for the GMC Sierra LED Headlight. 

As I pulled out of my driveway and onto the main road, the difference was immediate and impressive.

The brightness level was remarkably superior to the halogens I’d replaced, illuminating the road ahead with pure white light. I could clearly make out objects, signs, and the road itself in far more detail and at greater distances. 

Despite their intensity, the LS Plus bulbs maintained a clear cut-off line, ensuring I didn’t blind oncoming traffic.

In both city driving and on unlit country roads, the Lasfit LS Plus LEDs delivered a substantially better viewing range as a GMC Sierra LED Headlight. The fuller ends of the beam pattern, albeit slightly narrow in the middle, meant a wider field of vision that was especially noticeable when turning corners or navigating winding roads.

One aspect I had initially been concerned about was fan noise. But it wasn’t noticeable once I was on the road, with the Sierra’s engine humming and the radio playing. 

Overall, my on-road experience with the Lasfit LS Plus in the GMC Sierra was highly positive. The increased visibility and consistent performance added an extra layer of safety and confidence to my night-time driving.

What Other Drivers Are Saying

Others love the Lasfit LS Plus LED headlight bulbs as much as I do, with an impressive overall rating of 4.7/5 making them a great option for your GMC Sierra LED Headlight.

The sheer brightness and longevity of the bulbs keep many GMC Sierra drivers happy.

Some customers struggled with reflector housings as I did. 

Final Thoughts

The Lasfit LS Plus stands out for its excellent heat management, contributing to long-lasting brightness and promising a low failure rate, something I’ve come to value for prolonged trips I’d take with a GMC Sierra.    

Now, if your Sierra sports a projector housing and isn’t fitted with a dust cap, I’d say you’ve hit the jackpot with this LED upgrade. But do remember to ensure it snugly fits under any dust caps you might have.

Though there were some minor hiccups with its performance in the reflector housings, I’ve found the Lasfit LS Plus to provide remarkable value and great option for your GMC Sierra LED Headlight. 

Its practicality is further boosted considering the fair price point and the realistic specifications it advertises. In my experience, it’s an absolute win for my GMC Sierra LED Headlight.

  • 4,500 lumens per bulb
  • 6,000k color temperature  
  • Braided cables connecting the external driver
  • Huge heat fan
  • Best every heat retention after 27 minutes of 93%
  • Projector initial lux rating of 1,816
  • Reflector initial lux rating of 3,710
  • IP68 rating
  • 360° adjustable beam
  • 45W power each
  • Installation issues on GMC Sierras with dust caps

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