Ford Focus Headlight Diagram

Ford Focus Headlight Diagram

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Ford Focus headlight diagram and how to interpret it properly.

First-time Ford Focus owners should always be prepared to replace their dim and fragile stock headlights. That’s why knowing how to read your car’s assembly diagram is essential. 

Don’t worry. We made this simple step-by-step guide to help you understand your Focus’ headlight assembly diagram.

By the end of this article, you’ll learn how to read and choose the correct diagram for your Ford Focus. Letting you replace your headlights effortlessly.

Read on to start learning about the Ford Focus’ headlight diagram.

Ford Focus Headlight Assembly Diagram Explanation

Your Ford Focus’ headlight assembly contains a ton of parts that are indicated in the diagram. And you might get overwhelmed the first time you see the schematics. Don’t fret. It’s pretty simple once you understand all of its components.

Here’s a sample of a Focus headlight assembly diagram:

Ford Focus Headlight Diagram

This diagram illustrates your Focus’ headlight assembly and its various components. All of its parts are also numbered.

Here are the names of each part. Use their numbers as your guide:

  1. Headlight Assembly
  2. Headlight Assembly Screw
  3. Headlight Assembly Nut
  4. HID Bulb
  5. HID Bulb Cover
  6. Signal Light Bulb
  7. Signal Light Bulb Cover
  8. Marker Light Bulb
  9. Marker Light Bulb Cover
  10. Corner Light Bulb
  11. Corner Light Bulb Socket
  12. HID Lighting Ballast
  13. Headlight Control Module
  14. Control Module
  15. Mount Bracket
  16. Mount Bracket Bolt
  17. Mount Bracket Washer
  18. High Mount Bracket Nut

Once your headlight assembly is prepared, you can install it into your Ford Focus.

Always unplug your car’s battery ground terminal before proceeding with the replacement.

Start the replacement process by popping open your Focus’ hood and unscrewing the headlight assembly’s screws. 

You’ll then unplug the stock assembly’s wiring connection to your Focus’ headlight switch.

Once you’ve removed the stock headlight assembly, you can insert your brand-new replacement. Make sure to plug in the wires to your Focus’ headlight switch.

Finally, insert the screws to hold your headlight assembly upgrade in place. And you’re done!

The replacement process is quick and seamless. Make sure you don’t misplace the screws upon removal, as these will secure your brand-new headlight assembly.

Where You Can Find The Correct Ford Focus Headlight Assembly Diagram

Not all Ford Focus models sport the same headlight assembly diagram. That’s why you must grab a copy of your car’s schematics to avoid installation issues.

You can quickly obtain a copy of your Focus’ headlight assembly diagram from Ford’s official website. Don’t forget to indicate your car’s make and model.

It’s also essential to check your replacement’s diagram to ensure their compatibility with your Ford Focus. Aftermarket headlight assembly schematics are usually found on their manufacturer’s official websites.

How To Test Ford Focus Headlight Switch Wiring 

Testing your brand-new headlights should be done right after installation. Ensuring you that they’re working as expected. There are a couple of ways to do this.

The easiest way to test them out is by turning your headlights. Make sure that they aren’t dimming or flickering when powered on. Otherwise, check for mismatched or loose connections to your Focus’ headlight switch.

You can also use a multimeter measuring Ohms to check your headlight switch’s circuit. This test lets you know if your switch supplies enough electricity to power all of your Focus’ lights.

Now you’re ready to upgrade your Ford Focus’ stock headlight assembly. Ensure you have the correct copy of your car’s diagram beforehand to avoid hurdles during installation.

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