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GM Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram Guide

In this guide we look at the GM headlight switch wiring diagram and how to properly interpret it. 

Understanding GM-style headlight switch wiring diagrams can be very intimidating, especially if it’s your first time replacing your car’s headlights.

Don’t worry. We wrote this guide to teach you everything you need to know about GM headlight switch wiring diagrams.  

By the end of this article, you’ll understand how to read GM-style headlight switch wiring diagrams. Alongside learning where to find the correct schematic for your vehicle.

Read on to learn about GM-style headlight switch wiring diagrams.

Installation Instructions

Replacing your GM-style car’s headlight switch can be daunting when you’re a first-timer reading the included wiring diagram. We’ll take you through the different steps in our sample schematic to complete the upgrade.

Here’s our GM headlight switch wiring diagram sample:

You’ll immediately notice an illustration of the switch with different numbered lines. These lines represent all the wires that attach to various components of your car.

Each of these wires is color coded. Making them quicker to identify without any confusion.

Be sure to disconnect your car’s battery ground terminal before installing the headlight switch.

To start the installation, you’ll connect wire #1 to the fuse block. This red wire is connected to the switch’s battery input. Making the replacement switch functional.

The following wires you’ll be connecting are for the different lights of your car.

Connection #2 is the dark green-colored wire that attaches directly to your car’s dash lights. Following this is the light blue wire that connects to the dimmer switch.

Next, the light green wire should be attached to your park lights. Although on some switches, this step is omitted. Instead, the terminal beside wire #5 becomes the park light output.

Then, you can attach the tan-colored wire to your tail lights.

Last, you’ll be using the white-colored wire as your dome and interior light ground. This is crucial to avoid short-circuiting electronics in your GM vehicle’s system.

It wasn’t that hard, was it? You must ensure that your wirings and terminals are connected to the correct output. Always keep your switch wiring diagram as a reference while doing the installation.

Which Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram You Need For Your GM Vehicle

Replacing headlight switches of GM vehicles is relatively similar. However, not all of their wiring diagrams are the same. 

Each headlight switch diagram varies among the different vehicle models and headlight manufacturers. Misconnecting any of the terminals can ruin your car’s system. This is why you must have the correct wiring diagram before installing.

Where Can You Find The Headlight Switch Wiring Diagram For Your GM Vehicle?

Headlight switch replacements usually arrive with the wiring diagram inside the installation manual. You can also go to the manufacturer’s website for the wiring schematics of the model you purchased.

GM vehicles may also have different wiring routes depending on the model. It’s best to look for your car’s headlight switch diagram at the manufacturer’s official website. Usually, these are readily available since replacing switches is a common task for many drivers. 

Replacing your GM vehicle’s headlight switch isn’t as complicated as you thought, right? Just remember to use the correct wiring diagram for installation, and you won’t run into any issues.

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