3457 vs 3157 Bulbs | What’s The Difference?

In the following article, we’ll be taking a look at the major differences between 3457 and 3157 bulbs.

Because they are both primarily used as turn signal bulbs, and have similar naming schemes, these two bulbs are often used interchangeably.

Despite looking quite similar to each other and being completely interchangeable, there are a number of differences in terms of performance of these bulbs.

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Keep reading for more information on the differences between 3457 and 3157 bulbs.

Rated for 29 wattsRated for 27 watts
Bulb base is designed to handle more heatBulb is more susceptible to heat damage
Meant to always be onOnly meant to be on sometimes
Lifespan of around 500 hoursLifespan of more than 10,000 hours
Brighter light outputSlightly dimmer light output
Generate 502 lumensGenerate 402 lumens
3457 vs 3157 Bulbs

3457 and 3157 Bulbs Compared


One of the main differences between 3457 and 3157 bulbs is their wattage. Coming in at 29 watts, 3457 bulbs draw a bit more power than 3157 bulbs which are rated for 27 watts. This wattage definitely makes a difference in terms of brightness and visibility for other drivers.

Heat Resistance

3457 bulbs boast a more heat resistant bulb base compared to 3157 bulbs. That means they resist heat damage and can be installed close to hotter parts of the car such as near the engine.

Bulb behaviour

Another important distinction is that 3457 bulbs are ‘always on bulbs’, meant to be turned on at all times. 3157 bulbs on the other hand, are only meant to be turned on sometimes.


One consequence of being designed to always be turned on is that 3457 bulbs have a substantially shorter lifespan of 500 hours, compared to 3157 bulbs which are designated as ‘long service bulbs’ with an astounding 10,000 hour lifespan.


Finally, one of the most easily noticeable differences between these two bulbs is there brightness. Not only do 3457 bulbs draw more power, they also offer brighter, more crisp light output.

3157 bulbs generate about 402 lm. 3457 bumps that up to around 502 lemons. They are more visible to other drivers, easier to make out in rain or fog, and also look more aesthetically pleasing on your car.

what is the difference between a 3157 and 3457 bulb?


So to sum up, 3457 bulbs are brighter, more powerful, more easily visible, and more resistant to heat damage. However, they have a considerably shorter lifespan compared to 3157 bulbs.

These two bulbs are completely interchangeable and can be used in place of one another. That said, leading bulb manufacturer Sylvania recommends that you use only the bulb size recommended by your car’s particular manufacturer

Keeping all of these details in mind, we would recommend that you upgrade to 3457 bulbs rather than 3157 bulbs. Not only do these bulbs offer better performance, they are also more durable.

While they do tend to have a shorter lifespan compared to 3157 bulbs, that is only if they are constantly turned on. If you use them for turn signals, brake light bulbs, or any other bulb that only stays on for a few moments at a time, they will offer significantly better longevity.

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