4114 vS 3157 Bulbs | What’s The Difference?

In this article, we’ll be going over the main differences between 4114 and 3157 bulbs.

These two bulbs are quite different from one another and mostly used in different applications.

You will find 4114 bulbs installed on the car’s exterior, in turn signals, tail lights and reversing lights. 3157 bulbs on the other hand are usually reserved for interior lighting such as dome lights, map lights etc.

If you’re looking to buy either one of these bulbs and require some more info, we have tested the vast majority of available options.

Keep reading for more information on the differences between 4114 and 3157 bulbs.

Significantly more expensive optionMore affordable option
White, red, and amber colours availableOnly offered in white colour
Higher brightnessDimmer and less intense
70,000 our lifespan50,000 hour lifespan
Usually used in a wide variety of applications such as turn signals, tail lights, and reversing lightsIdeal for interior lighting
Highly reliable and durable Prone to failure with extended use
4114 vS 3157 Bulbs

4114 and 3157 Bulbs Compared


When it comes to price, 4114 bulbs are significantly more expensive than 3157 bulbs. In fact, 4114 bulbs are cost prohibitive and we do not recommend these if you’re on a budget. 3157 bulbs provide better bang for your buck and are also easier to come by in most auto parts stores.

Colour options

Another major difference between 4114 and 3157 bulbs is the colours they are offered in. 4114 bulbs can be found in white, red, and amber colours to be used on various places on the car’s exterior. 3157 bulbs are only offered in a white colour with a slight yellowish tinge to them.

Use cases

Owing to their intensity and variety of use cases, 4114 bulbs can be found on turn signals, tail lights, reversing lights, and a number of other places on your car’s exterior.

3157 bulbs however, are only really usable inside the car. Depending on the manufacturer of your particular car, 3157 bulbs can be used as glove box lights, dome lights, reading lights, trunk lights, and a number of other applications.


4114 bulbs generate crisp and powerful light that is highly visible to other people on the road and ideal for cutting through fog and dust. Their throw is not quite that powerful but still plenty for use as tail lights and turn signals.

3157 bulbs’ brightness pales in comparison to that of 4114 bulbs. They are dim and do not offer the longest throw. They are only really usable as interior lights, where the lower brightness does not matter.

In fact, when used as map lights or dome lights, 3157 bulbs offer a lot of illumination for not that much money.


When it comes to durability, 4114 bulbs are head and shoulders above 3157 bulbs. Our testing found them to hold up well to general use and we did not experience any drops in performance.

The same cannot be said about 3157 bulbs which are prone to going out after extended use.


Similarly, 4114 bulbs offer better lifespan than 3157 bulbs. While 3157 bulbs are rated for around 50,000 hours of use, 4114 bulbs blow that number out of the water with 70,000 hours of regular usage.


So to sum up, 4114 bulbs are brighter and more powerful than 3157 bulbs, and they also feature better durability and longer lifespan.

As such, they are also more expensive and can be used for various different applications.

However, the two bulbs cater to completely different use cases: 4114 for exterior lights and 3157 for interior lights.

Which one you choose really depends on your particular use case and requirements but each performs well in its category.

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