9004 vs 9007 Headlight Bulb Wiring difference

Did you order the wrong HID kit? Maybe you were shipped a set of 9004 HID bulbs instead of the 9007 that your car/truck takes? No problem! Here is how you can switch your 9004 bulbs into 9007 and vice versa.

How to configure the 9004-9007 plug so it fits with either application?

You might ask, What is the difference in the wiring between the 9004 plugs and the 9007 plugs. Sometimes, when you order a 9007 HID kit online, you may receive a 9004 kit in its place. The result would be having only one beam work properly and having the HIDs shut off when you switch from high to low or low to high. It’s super easy to move the placement of the ground and low beam wires… all you need is a small straight pick.

Here is a very helpful image that can show you the proper wiring configuration for the 9004 9007 wiring?harness setup.

9004 vs 9007 headlight bulb

9004 vs 9007 Headlight Bulb

What is the difference between 9004 and 9007 headlight plugs. The difference is in the ground and low beam wire places. The 9007 wiring configuration from left to right is Low beam, Ground, High beam. Be sure the locking tab is at the top and you are looking at the metal pins when you adjust the wires.

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