9007 VS 9004 Halogen Bulbs | What’s The Difference?

We’ll be discussing the main features that differentiate 9007 vs 9004 bulbs.

9007 vs 9004 bulbs

The look and performance of these bulbs are pretty similar, but there are a number of differences between them.

One of the main differences is that 9007 bulbs have a brighter light output, are cheaper, and are more commonly found in modern cars than 9004 bulbs. Another noticeable difference is the orientation of connector pins on the bulb base.

If you’re confused about which bulb to choose, we have years of experience working with all types of bulbs and can help you figure out which one suits your needs.

Keep reading for more information on the differences between 9007 and 9004 balls.

Dual axial filament bulbDual transverse filament bulb
1000 lumen low beam/1350 lumen high beam700 lumen low beam/1200 lumen high beam
Rated for 45WRated for 55W
Ground pin is in the middle with high/low beam pins to either side of the bulb baseGround pin to one side and pins for low/high beam are in the middle and on the other side of the base
More popular and commonly found in carsLess commonly seen on cars
A bit cheaperSlightly more expensive
Offers better visibility of the twoVisibility is slightly lower than if you use 9007 bulbs

9007 vs 9004 Bulbs Compared

One of the most noticeable differences between 9007 and 9004 bulbs is the type of filament. 9007 bulbs have a dual axial filament, whereas 9004 have a dual transverse filament. This refers to the alignment of the filaments within the bulb.

9007 bulbs have an axial filament which allows for better reflectivity of light, whereas the transverse filament of 9004 bulbs is less reflective.

Power Rating

9007 bombs are rated for 45 watts, whereas 9004 bulbs are warranted for 55 watts. This makes 9007 bulbs significantly more efficient and provides better visibility.


As expected, 9007 bulbs feature a brighter light output of 1000 lumens in low beam and 1350 lumens in high beam configurations, compared to 700 lumens low beam and 1200 lumens high beam for 9004 bulbs.

Connector pins

At a glance, another significant difference between these two bulbs is the orientation of their connector pins. With 9007 bulbs, the ground pin is in the middle with high and low beam pins to either side.

However, the ground pin on 9004 bulbs is situated to one side with pins for high and low beams in the middle and on the opposite side.


9007 bulbs are more commonly found on modern cars of the two bulbs. 9004 bulbs are also popular but not quite as standard as 9007.


9007 bulbs are a bit more affordable than 9004 bulbs. That said, the difference in prices may vary depending on the manufacturer of the bulb.


When it comes to real-world performance, 9007 bulbs are brighter and generate a longer throw, providing better visibility. 9004 bulbs offer slightly less clarity, but the difference is not quite night and day.


These two bulbs can be used interchangeably with some slight modifications. Pro tip: If you do decide to use 9007 bulbs in a 9004 socket, or vice versa, make sure to hook up the connector pins in the correct spots.


All said and done, 9007 bulbs take the cake. They are brighter than their 9004 rivals and more efficient and affordable.

9007 bulbs are also more commonly found on most cars and are easy to find on the aftermarket. And, being dual filament bulbs, they can be used in both high and low beam configurations.

If you feel up to the task, 9007 bulbs can easily be fitted into 9004 sockets and offer better performance and value than 9004 bulbs. We highly recommend considering 9007 headlight bulbs for your car over 9004.

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