acanii headlights 2023 review

In this review, we take a look at aftermarket headlight kits made by Accani. 

Acanii makes headlight kits for a number of vehicles and we tested a couple different options. 

Our tests focused on evaluating the build quality and performance of these headlights for everyday, or rather every-night use. 

We have been testing headlights and other automotive lights for over a decade, so you can rest assured that we know our stuff and can help you make a more informed decision. 

In a nutshell, Acanii’s headlights are durable and well built enough to last you a lifetime. They have exceptional performance and add a sexier look to your car, especially if you opt for the unique finishes the company offers (more on that below). 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on Acanii headlight kits. 

Our verdict

Our time with Acanii headlight kits concluded that these headlights are more durable, deliver better performance in almost every use case, while also providing better value than stock.

The benchmark for our tests was the stock headlight setup on our test vehicle, and we can report that Acanii beat it in all metrics. As such, we highly recommend Acanii headlight kits for the driver looking for a major upgrade to their lighting setup.

  • Best in class build quality
  • Specially treated headlight housing
  • Resistant to scratching
  • Resists yellowing over time
  • Bulb glass is more resistant to scratches
  • More powerful throw
  • Better beam calibration
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Extended lifespan
  • Smoked/Blacked out/chrome finishes available for many models
  • Integrated daytime running lights available for some models
  • Enhanced clarity and precision
  • Fewer headlight kit options for pre-2000s models

Longevity and build quality

Our main concern when it comes to aftermarket headlight kits is the build. But Acanii put all of our fears to rest with their kits. 

They utilise the most sought after materials such as aluminium and copper which increase structural rigidity, resulting in a kit that is more resistant to breakage. 

The use of aluminium and copper is also ideal for heat diffusion. We did not have to deal with the headlight unit overheating or dropping performance after extended use. 

Lifespan sees a significant bump compared to stock bulbs. This is thanks in part to the impressive build and heat management, but also the more efficient power consumption. In fact, Acanii’s kits consume less power while outputting more light than their stock counterparts. 

You can expect Acanii’s kits to light your path for significantly longer than the stock alternative. A special butyl sealant keeps miniscule dirt and debris particles from entering the assembly. 

The polycarbonate lens resists UV damage and yellowing, preserving the look of your headlights for longer.

Colour and brightness

Another area that Acanii absolutely nails is performance. Brightness is noticeably higher than stock thanks to the clarity of the housing. The real upgrade is in the throw and projection of light. 

We were treated to a longer throw that extends further down the road and a wider angle of view that allows you to keep an eye out for any stray animals, jaywalkers, friendly extraterrestrials looking to find their way home and the like.  

Some aftermarket headlight kits tend to cause a bit of distortion or blurriness of light. However, we did not have to deal with any such issues here. In fact, the beam was well focused and a bit more crisp than stock. Furthermore, both projector and reflector lenses are available for a number of models. 

Acanii’s headlights utilise DIP (Dual In-Line Package) LED technology, which comes with a bullet-shaped lens for better focusing and precision.

Perks and features

Acanii definitely get some points for offering a couple different options when it comes to the finish on these headlights. Our personal favourite was the completely blacked out look which evokes the ‘murdered out’ vibe that so many people go for with custom builds and projects.

Another feature that is equal parts functional and aesthetic is the daytime running lights. These headlights come with integrated DRLs that accentuate the design and just look cool.

Our combo of choice was the blacked out headlights plus DRLs. Definitely put these on your older cars to bring them into the modern era.


So that’s Accanii’s headlights. You get a top notch headlight kit that improves performance and lasts longer than stock. Premium materials keep the whole package safe from damage and extend lifespan. 

All said and done, you won’t find a better headlight kit option for the money. This is one of the easiest to recommend kits we’ve ever reviewed.

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