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Our Verdict of Auxito LED Headlights

Auxito LED Headlights is one of my favourite LED Headlight Bulb brands. They ensure excellent build quality and awesome brightness. All at an affordable price. Overall, I highly recommend their headlight bulbs.

This is our review of Auxito LED headlight bulbs for 2023, after testing these bulbs we feel confident recommending Auxito LED Headlight bulbs to you with years of experience and technical knowledge under our belt.

As such, our testing focuses on more than just the performance. We also consider features like durability, lifespan, and value for money.

Auxito’s 9007 compatible bulbs delivered one of the brightest beams, alongside a useful suite of features and benefits for the driver. The build quality is among the best we’ve come across. These LEDs don’t lack longevity either.

Keep reading for a more in-depth analysis of Auxito’s LED headlight bulbs.

Auxito LED

My Verdict of the Auxito LED Headlight

When you’re talking about top-notch LED bulbs, Auxito LED Headlights stand in a class of their own. Their bulbs shine brighter when it comes to brightness, lifespan, and colour profile.

If you’re on the lookout to elevate your lighting setup to something more modern and enduring than stock, I highly suggest you consider Auxito’s LED bulbs.

Auxito LED
  • 12,000 lumens
  • 6500k
  • 30,000 hour lifespan
  • Plug and play
  • Dramatically brighter light
  • Better road coverage
  • Improved visibility
  • Easier to identify hurdles
  • Efficient cooling
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • Easy to install
  • May not fit some older cars

Auxito LED Headlight – Longevity and Build Quality

Auxito’s build quality is self-evident, sporting an all-aluminium chassis that’s incredibly durable. The aluminium composition also enhances heat dissipation. Furthermore, these bulbs utilize the latest SMD chips designed to consume less power while radiating brighter light. 

You’ll find a copper plate heat sink here, which excels at swiftly dissipating heat, thereby protecting the sensitive internal parts. If you’ve had enough of the tangled mess that is stock bulb wiring, take a breath.

Auxito has made the installation process a breeze with a plug-and-play design that’s ready to light your way in minutes. 

As highlighted earlier, power consumption is also notably more efficient. This prevents the entire lighting assembly from overheating or losing performance due to high temperatures.

Auxito LED Headlight – Colour and Brightness

Performance could very well be the middle name of these Auxito LEDs. They generate an astonishing 12,000 lumens of brightness, making nocturnal drives significantly safer and more comfortable. The light projection is stronger, reaching further down the road, thus offering the driver a clearer view of their path. 

The view angle is correspondingly wider, illuminating every inch of the roadside. It also enables the driver to remain alert to any unexpected cars merging into their lane, wandering animals entering the road, and the sporadic speed trap set by local law enforcement. 

The colour profile of these LEDs is absolutely breathtaking. They flaunt a colour temperature of around 6500k, emitting an ultra-pure white beam of light. This offers multiple benefits, including superior clarity and precision. It helps the driver spot every bump, pothole, and road sign quickly. 

Finally, the calibration is miles ahead of stock bulbs. I did not encounter any issues with unfocused or blurry light beams. The beam is consistent and does not display any annoying dark spots.

Auxito LED – Perks and Features

Auxito’s LED offerings are packed full of some truly useful features. One of my favourites is the CANbus-ready design that eliminates any errors with the car’s onboard computer. It also eradicates any distortion or interference with the stereo and radio systems.

Auxito equipped this kit with a high-speed cooling fan. It functions flawlessly, drawing in air and circulating it around the assembly to keep it running smoothly.

As a bonus, it does all this in complete silence. Even at idle, I couldn’t hear the faintest sound from this 10,000 RPM fan.

Conclusion – Auxito LED

Auxito’s LEDs meld the very best performance with an incredibly durable build that’s designed to last a lifetime. As for the usual suspects of LED bulb issues, namely errors, distortion, and unfocused beams, they’re totally ironed out. 

Moreover, these LEDs boast a highly useful set of features that operate in the background, ensuring your headlights function flawlessly. All said and done, I’m head over heels for Auxito’s LED headlight bulbs and strongly recommend grabbing a set if you’re in the market. Happy lighting!

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