The Best & Brightest 1157 LED Tail Light Bulbs in 2024

Here, we’ll be taking a look at some of the brightest 1157 LED bulb for tail lights and what makes them worth your money.

Our rankings take into account the bulb’s performance, efficacy, and value for money. This means not only are these best and brightest bulbs.

We are confident that the years of experience we’ve amassed working with cars and aftermarket parts allows us to make an appropriate recommendation, no matter the application.

iBrightstar’s tail light bulbs are our pick for the brightest 1157 bulbs that offer long lifespan and great value, making for a better package overall.

Keep reading to find out more about this and other options for the brightest 1157 LED bulbs. 

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iBrightstar – Brightest 1157 Led Bulbs

Overall Best
Image of iBrightstar Brightest 1157 Led

The 1157 compatible tail lights from iBrightstar, with their potent LED chips, had me reveling in greater brightness, enhanced visibility during rain and snow, and a lifespan that trumps traditional halogen bulbs by a long shot.

If we’re talking brightness, these bulbs throw out an intense beam that seems tailor-made for tail lights. Having fitted these bulbs onto my own test car, I can vouch for the substantial improvement in tail light visibility.

What took my breath away was their performance under simulated rain and snowfall. Despite the visual challenge, the lights shone clearly and distinctly. Comparatively, these LEDs were discernible from a considerably further distance than incandescent bulbs, significantly enhancing safety on the road.

The installation of the iBrightstars was an absolute breeze. Quick and straightforward, the whole process was wrapped up in under 20 minutes. The instructions included in the package were concise and easy to follow.

Though my car didn’t require any additional load resistors, the manufacturer advises installing them if you face persistent flashing or flickering issues.

Being LEDs, these bulbs outshine traditional halogen bulbs in terms of efficiency and durability. They draw less power and sport a unique design to facilitate heat dissipation, ensuring a smoother and longer run.

With the manufacturer touting a lifespan of 30,000 hours, these bulbs are likely to last for the typical car ownership duration of an average driver.

  • Brighter than stock halogens
  • More visible in rain or snow
  • Better visibility even from farther away
  • Instructions are easy to follow
  • Quick and easy install
  • Less power is consumed
  • Long lasting; 30,000 hours
  • Brilliant Red color
  • Aluminum housing 
  • Quick install
  • Power efficient
  • May require a load resistor to avoid flashing

CATO-WDJ – Brightest 1157 Led Bulb lights

Best Budget
Image of Cato-WDJ Brightest 1157 Led

Stepping into the world of the brightest 1157 LED bulbs by CATO-WDJ, I found myself faced with an intense light beam, excellent construction, and an enduring lifespan, all while my wallet sighed in relief.

Don’t let the budget-friendly price tag fool you – there’s nothing cheap about the build quality. The body is all high-quality aluminum, sporting a PC flexible circuit board and a design dedicated to heat diffusion, boosting both performance and lifespan. The arrangement of chips around the body and on top facilitates better coverage and uniform lighting.

In terms of brightness, these LEDs are a game-changer. They amped up the visibility of my car’s tail lights way beyond the stock setup. Plus, their vibrant red color offers two modes – dim and bright, serving as tail and brake lights, respectively. This allowed me to give my car a more cohesive light blend.

These LEDs held their ground alongside other top 1157 bulb picks, with their effortless installation process. Extensive video and textual instructions online made the task even simpler.

I didn’t need any fancy tools or expert knowledge to fit these onto my car. I’m confident that the average user can do this on their own, saving some hard-earned money that would otherwise go towards professional installation.

One aspect often overlooked is customer support, and I have to say, they’ve got us covered there too. When one bulb arrived with shipping damage, a quick call to the manufacturer had a replacement bulb on its way to me, no extra charges involved.

They even offer a 1-year warranty on this kit, so you can rest easy knowing you’re investing in a high-performing set of bulbs.

Lastly, the lifespan of these LEDs outdoes traditional halogen bulbs by a long shot. And the word on the street from folks who’ve been using them for years? Nothing but high praise for their long-term reliability.

  • More intense brightness 
  • More easily visible
  • Uniform lighting pattern 
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty is provided
  • Great customer support 
  • Returns/replacements are quick and easy
  • Instructional videos are available online
  • Dim and bright modes for different uses
  • Cheaper than similarly performing options
  • Long lasting
  • Intense brightness
  • High quality aluminum build
  • 66 chips covering the LED  
  • Best in class heat management
  • We needed to install a load resistor to fix flashing

Alopee – Brightest 1157 led bulb

Premium Choice
Image of Alopee Brightest 1157 Led

Encountering the Alopee LED tail light bulb, another gem among 1157 bulbs, I found a beacon of brightness far surpassing stock options. Its extended lifespan and eliminated polarity made it a standout choice.

With a stunning max brightness of about 600 lumens, these LEDs are some of the market’s brightest stars. Once installed in my car’s taillights, the difference in visibility was like night and day.

The tail lights became more discernible, their glow reaching my eyes even from a considerable distance. Compared to these LEDs, the stock bulbs simply fell short.

Although installation proved slightly trickier than with other bulbs, it wasn’t rocket science. I had to add an extra load resistor to temper the flashing, but in total, the process took me around 20 minutes – straightforward and fast.

What made a significant impression was the remarkable lifespan of these bulbs. While my tests only represent short-term usage, the glowing reviews from other users vouch for their longevity. They’ve claimed these LEDs outlasted not only the stock bulbs but even some LED kits. With such widespread approval, I have no doubts about their durability for long-term use.

  • More visible than stock
  • Visible from farther away
  • Long lasting 
  • More noticeable than stock in low visibility conditions
  • Power consumption is low 
  • Installation was quick
  • PVC plastic shell is more durable than glass
  • 600 lumen peak brightness
  • Long lasting 
  • Simple installation
  • Can be used as tail lights and brake lights
  • Required additional load resistor to be installed

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