The Brightest LED H11 Headlight Bulbs in 2024

Are you looking to replace your bulbs with something brighter, look no further than our review of top brightest LED H11 Headlight Bulbs?

LED H11 Headlight Bulbs are single-beam bulbs that are whiter in color and so much brighter than your stock bulbs.

The challenge for you is that there are so many on the market that it’s hard to know what to choose.

Luckily you’re in the right place. I have over ten years of experience with car headlights, and after exhaustive testing.

I’ve come up with the three brightest H11 LEDs for you.

My overall favorite is the Fahren H11 Headlight bulbs; they’re impressively bright.

As always, I’ve also suggested a budget option for those of you saving money and a premium one if you have some cash to burn.

All set? Let’s go.

Fahren SilverStar H11 Headlight Bulbs

Image of Fahren SilverStar H11 headlight bulb

Top of the Brightness Game

I can confidently say that the FAHREN H11 LED Headlight Bulbs are, hands down, the champions of brightness in my book, and my testing results will show you exactly why. Wait until you see the reflector test – it’s genuinely mind-blowing.

Illuminate Your Drive

With an impressive 120 watts and 22,000 lumens per pair, these bulbs stand out as some of the brightest H11s I’ve ever come across. They’re a whopping 600% brighter than halogens, which makes an incredible difference to the road ahead – everything is crystal clear, making for a much safer driving experience.

Extra Surprises

One thing that struck me about these bulbs was the ultra-thin LED chips, resulting in an intensely focused beam. Not only does it reach further, but it also broadens your field of vision, offering a comprehensive view of the road and surroundings.

Staying Cool

The Fahren H11 LED bulbs impress with their aviation-grade aluminum body. It’s not just there for show; it plays a significant role in heat dissipation. Add to this a quiet 12,000 RPM fan, and you have a system that keeps the bulbs cool even during prolonged use.

Built Tough

These bulbs boast a sturdy IP68 waterproof rating. This is the highest protection level against dust and moisture, meaning these bulbs are ready to brave even the worst weather conditions.

Fahren also promises a lifespan exceeding 50,000 hours for these bulbs – likely a testament to their effective cooling system. Trust me, 50,000 hours is nothing to sneeze at for a set of top-tier H11 bulbs.

Installation Simplified

Although Fahren provides a handy link to an installation video in the instruction manual, I found that I didn’t really need it. These bulbs are a straightforward plug-and-play job, and you should have them up and running in less than 10 minutes in most cases.

Testing Grounds

The Fahren H11s gave me a mixed bag of impressions when I put them to the test. Using my standard setup with a lux meter placed 20 feet from the bulbs, the initial output was staggering. However, the gradual decline in brightness over time did concern me.

Projector Test 

The instant I flicked them on, the lux meter registered a jaw-dropping 2,250. That’s three times the 725 lux that standard halogens put out. But, with continuous use, their performance declined. After 27 minutes — the average US commute time — the brightness had dipped to 74% of its peak, coming in at 1,695 lux, which was a tad below my usual average.

I started to suspect that the cooling fan wasn’t as effective as it claimed to be. A recorded temperature of 210°F seemed to confirm my suspicion.

The beam pattern also left something to be desired. There was a noticeable darkness at the bottom center area – a common issue I’ve noticed with many bulbs I’ve tested.

Reflector Test

However, the reflector test results were simply phenomenal, hence why they’ve claimed my #1 spot for brightness. The bulbs chalked up a staggering 5,200 lux. It was the first time I’ve ever tested an LED bulb with over 5,000 lux in reflector output, outshining halogens at 910 lux by a massive 4,290 lux.

The beam pattern here was far steadier, with minimal light scattering or blurry patches. The reflector output of the Fahren H11 LEDs easily outshone anything else I’ve put to the test.

Voices from the Road

I have seen a solid 71% of reviewers awarded these bulbs a flawless 5-star rating, averaging an overall score of 4.3 out of 5.

Many drivers echoed my feelings about the exceptional brightness and wide beam of these bulbs. 

The criticism mainly focused on the requirement for a decoder in some vehicles, a point which Fahren does, to their credit, mention upfront.

Wrapping Up

For their stunning brightness, it’s tough to beat the Fahren H11 LED headlight bulbs. They’re an absolute steal and, being 600% brighter than halogens, they’ve earned my highest recommendation.

  • Plug and play
  • 22,000 lumens/set
  • 6,500K Xenon White
  • 600% brighter than halogens
  • Excellent overall brightest H11s
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • 120W per set
  • Single-beam
  • Super-Focused beam pattern
  • 360° adjustable beam
  • External CAN bus driver
  • 12,000RPM silent turbofan
  • IP68 waterproof rate
  • CAN bus driver may not work with all models; a decoder might be required

AUXITO H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

Image of Auxito  H11 headlight bulb

Shining Bright on a Budget 

Who says you can’t indulge in the luxury of bright LEDs with a tighter budget? The Auxito H11 LED Headlight bulbs have certainly debunked that myth for me. For under $60 a pair, they deliver an impressive 20,000 lumens of stunning bright light.

Illuminating Power on a Shoestring 

With a power output of 100 watts and 20,000 lumens per pair, Auxito claims that these bulbs are 600% brighter than your average halogens. Having put them to the test myself, I can honestly vouch for this assertion.

As for color, these Auxito H11 LEDs emit a cool white 6,000 Kelvin. Personally, I’m smitten with this color temperature. It dramatically enhances the visibility of distant objects. If you prefer a more bluish hue, you might want to explore options with a Kelvin rating of around 15,000.

Stepping Up Their Game

I’ve noticed that Auxito has really upped their ante with these H11 LEDs. They offer a 1:1 beam pattern and an ultra-thin 0.039in baseboard. 

From my experience, these bulbs create a beam that mimics daylight, stretching far ahead and providing a clear cutoff.

Keeping Their Cool

Designed with a 12,000 RPM high-speed cooling fan that efficiently dissipates heat from the LED chips, these bulbs manage to keep their cool. But don’t just take my word for it – check out my testing data.

Weather Warriors

These bulbs have an IP rating of 67, meaning they can withstand varying weather conditions, though maybe not quite as resiliently as their IP68-rated counterparts.

Frankly, I’m a bit skeptical about their proclaimed 50,000-hour lifespan. They seem to run on the hotter side, and based on a handful of reviews I’ve seen, I’m not the only one harboring such doubts.

Installation Made Easy

I’m really fond of these single-unit bulbs. They fit snugly into most vehicles – 99% according to Auxito – and based on the numerous reviews I’ve read, this seems to hold true. I definitely didn’t encounter any problems during installation.

Running the Gauntlet

Considering their price tag, the Auxito H11 LEDs surpassed my expectations. As always, I set up my trusty lux meter 20 feet away from the bulb. Here’s what my tests revealed:

Projector Test

The initial reading on my lux meter was 1,573 – over double the 725 lux of standard halogens. That’s quite some brightness. After 27 minutes, the reading held strong at 82%, or 1,290 lux, slightly above the average. 

What truly impressed me was the beam’s stability. It has a clear cutoff, albeit a tad higher than usual, something to bear in mind when adjusting the beam during installation. 

The beam was free from any dark spots or scattering, and the commonly weak lower middle area was well lit. This marks a significant step up from many other LEDs I’ve tested.

Reflector Test

The reflector test sprung a delightful surprise. The initial 3,560 lumens dropped to a still robust 82%, or 2,591 lumens, after 27 minutes.

The beam sustained its clarity, was well above average, and devoid of any dark spots.

The temperature after 27 minutes was around 219°F, fairly average, so nothing alarming there.

Feedback Loop

Auxito seems to have cultivated quite a fanbase in the US. A significant number of reviews collectively score the H11 LEDs an average of 4.3 out of 5. 

The majority of praise revolves around their brightness and the ease of installation. A lot of drivers expressed their intention to repurchase these bulbs once they’ve run their course.

A handful of drivers did mention the fan’s noise, mostly in older vehicles. A few users also reported occasional flickering, which they were able to rectify by installing a decoder. There was a common belief that these bulbs generally last less than a year.

The Bottom Line

The Auxito H11 LED headlights are a genuine steal. Not only are they twice as bright as halogens, but what truly sets them apart is their consistent and expansive beam pattern.

  • All in one unit
  • Plug and play
  • 20,000 lumens/set
  • 6,000K Cool White
  • Up to 600% brighter than halogens
  • Budget H11
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • 100W per set
  • Super-Focused beam pattern
  • 360° adjustable beam
  • Built-in CAN bus driver
  • 12 CSP chips per bulb
  • 12,000 RPM turbofan
  • A noisy cooling fan noticed in some vehicles
  • Flickering can be solved with a decoder
  • They may not last 50,000 hours as advertised

Firehawk H11 LED Headlight Bulbs

Image of Firehawk H11 headlight bulb

Splurging on the Brightest Bulb

If you’ve got some spare change to play around with, let me give you a suggestion – invest it in the Firehawk H11 LED Bulbs. I speak from personal experience when I say that these are the brightest H11s you could possibly snag for less than $100.

A Burst of Unrivaled Brightness and Color

With their state-of-the-art Japanese chip technology, a power rating of 62 watts, and an incredible 20,000 lumens per pair, these H11 bulbs outshine standard halogens by 500%. They claim to boost night-time visibility by 250%, and let me tell you, that’s no exaggeration.

Their Kelvin color is a cool white 6000, which is right up my alley for securing a clear, long-distance view and enhancing visibility of objects straight ahead and off to the sides of the vehicle. This is a massive leap from the muted yellow hues of halogens.

Feature-Packed Marvel

I’m utterly hooked on the 360° adjustable beam. It generates a laser-sharp beam pattern, without any lurking shadows or dark spots, and doesn’t dazzle oncoming traffic – a crucial feature.

What’s more, these bulbs require no ‘warm-up’ time. Flip the switch, and they burst into full brilliance instantly.

Keeping Their Cool

The Firehawk H11 LEDs come with a top-tier cooling system. Constructed from aviation-grade aluminum, they’re built for peak cooling performance. 

Their 12,000 RPM silent turbofan is key to this, as you’ll soon see from my test data.

Durability Champ

Sporting an IP68 waterproof rating, these bulbs can handle both water and dust, preventing any damage under all driving conditions. They’ve been proven to work efficiently within a broad temperature range of -45°F to 150°F.

Given their superior cooling abilities, I’m confident they can hit their promised 50,000-hour lifespan.

No-Fuss Installation

I’m truly impressed by their design. Near-identical in size to standard halogens, these all-in-one units integrate smoothly into almost any vehicle’s lights.

Installation is a breeze. No need to fuss over polarity, just plug and play.

Putting the Bulbs to the Test

As is my standard protocol, I set up my tests with a lux meter positioned 20 feet away from the bulbs. The difference when compared to standard halogens was glaringly obvious.

Projector Test

While halogens typically score a 725 lux rating, the FireHawk H11 LED bulbs skyrocketed to a rating of 1,332 lux. That’s seriously bright!

Even after 27 minutes – the average commute time in most US cities – they held strong at 88%, delivering 1,172 lux. 

During the projector output test, I did notice a bit of fuzziness in the top center, and the lower center seemed a tad weak.

Reflector Test

The reflector test also yielded impressive results. These bulbs scored a solid 2,280 lux rating, dwarfing the much weaker 910 lux rating of halogens.

I did notice two areas of light scattering: to the right of the top center and the lower left, but it was negligible compared to the halogens.

What’s the Word on the Street?

With over 5,000 reviews rating an average score of 4.4 out of 5, these bulbs appear to be a popular choice.

Most positive reviews rave about their remarkable brightness and compatibility with many older model vehicles. That’s a major win, considering the compatibility issues many newer LED bulbs present.

However, a few negative reviews did highlight that after a year of use, some bulbs started to flicker slightly.

In a Nutshell

If what you seek is exceptional brightness, a wide beam, and unrivaled cooling, and you don’t mind splurging a bit, these bulbs are absolutely worth your consideration.

  • Plug and play
  • 20,000 lumens/set
  • 6,000K Xenon White
  • 500% brighter than halogens
  • 0-second turn up
  • Premium H11
  • 50,000-hour lifespan
  • 62W per set
  • Dual-beam
  • Super-Focused beam pattern
  • 360° adjustable beam
  • Built-in CAN bus driver
  • 12,000RPM silent turbofan
  • IP86 waterproof rating
  • Flickering may occur in some vehicles after prolonged use

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