Philips VisionPlus Review 2024

In this review, we will be taking a closer look at the top performer Philips VisionPlus halogen headlight bulbs. 

We tested the Philips VisionPlus and considered things like bulb performance, efficacy, and even the value it provides. Coupled with our vast experience testing and reviewing bulbs, the first hand testing helped us better gauge the quality of these bulbs. 

Philips makes some awesome halogen headlight bulbs, and the VisionPlus lives up to the hype. It is reasonably brighter than stock bulbs, and the color profile is a bit closer to white than the OEM alternative. While they won’t burn your eyes with intense brightness, they are a nice upgrade over your current halogens. 

Read on for more details about the Philips VisionPlus halogen headlight bulbs

My Personal Experience with Philips VisionPlus

When you’re discussing top-tier LED bulbs, it’s difficult not to mention Philips. Their bulbs are practically stars of the show in terms of brightness, lifespan, and colour profile.

If you’re pondering about upping the ante on your lighting setup to something more cutting-edge and enduring than the typical stock, I wholeheartedly recommend Philips LED bulbs.

Philips VisionPlus
  • Decently brighter than stock
  • Longer throw
  • 3000k color
  • Wide projection
  • Better road coverage
  • Improved peripheral visibility
  • Flicker free
  • Plug & play installation
  • Significantly longer lasting than stock
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • No dark spots
  • Instant startup
  • Brighter options are available

Durability and Craftsmanship

One of the features that left me impressed about VisionPlus is its exceptional build quality, which directly contributes to its superior performance and lifespan. The aluminium construction is robust and efficiently disperses heat. 

During my hands-on testing, I subjected the Philips bulbs to an extreme load over extended periods to personally assess their performance and durability. I’m thrilled to report that these bulbs were relentless and showed no signs of flickering or flashing. 

In the long run, you can anticipate the Philips to outlive regular stock bulbs, a sentiment echoed by numerous reviews from other drivers who’ve had these bulbs installed for longer.

Colour Intensity and Brightness

Concerning the brightness, I believe that Philips’ halogen headlight bulbs could have had a bit more spark. While they do offer a modest 8% uplift over the benchmark, the increase in brightness isn’t incredibly noticeable.

However, I did find the extended throw and broader viewing angle of this bulb quite beneficial. It significantly enhances visibility, both along the road and on the sides. In fact, the wider coverage illuminates more of the roadside, amplifying peripheral visibility. 

The colour temperature, too, sees a similar 8% improvement. It is perceptibly cooler, though not by a vast margin. I can vouch for the improved clarity and ease of spotting objects, vehicles, and pedestrians on the road. 

Another plus for the VisionPlus bulbs is their instantaneous startup, devoid of any dark spots. 

Benefits and Features of Philips VisionPlus

The VisionPlus bulbs earn points for being DOT compliant, ensuring they don’t blind or distract oncoming drivers, making them more driver-friendly. The installation process was straightforward and intuitive, thanks to the nearly stock mounting points. Moreover, the beam pattern is finely calibrated and doesn’t come across as blurry or unfocused. 

In a delightful surprise, the power consumption turned out to be lower than stock, adding to the bulbs’ efficiency. During my testing, I didn’t observe any heat-related issues or temperature spikes.

The Bottom Line

To sum it up, Philips VisionPlus headlight bulbs deliver a fair enhancement in brightness and colour temperature, although I’d have appreciated a bit more power. That being said, they are vibrant and significantly better than stock bulbs. 

What sets them apart is the longevity and durability of these bulbs. Marrying high-quality build with a low power draw, the Philips VisionPlus offers a best-in-class lifespan that’s a rarity amongst other bulbs. 

So, if you’re fed up with changing your headlights every few months, do yourself a favour and get a pair of Philips’ VisionPlus bulbs.

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