Philips Xtreme Vision LED Review | How X-Treme is it?

Philips X-treme Vision, otherwise known as the Xtreme Vision, is maybe the most popular headlight bulb available and for good reason. In this review I’m to show and tell you why, Philips Xtreme Vision is one of the best all-rounder headlight light bulbs on the market. 

While there are longer-lasting or brighter bulbs, Philips X-treme Vision is one of the best bulbs for its price point. I’ve personally used this bulb for the last 6 months and so far haven’t had any qualms with this bulb.

My Take on Philips Xtreme Vision’s Brightness and Visibility 

Philips X

When it comes to brightness, Philips Xtreme Vision leaves quite an impression, though pricier options may outshine it. Using these headlight bulbs at night, I found they offered quality visibility over a remarkable distance.

If you’re in the market, I’d suggest going for the Xtreme Vision 130%. It’s strikingly similar but boasts a more robust beam. During my tests, I discovered that the Philips Xtreme vision beam was 110% stronger than its stock counterpart, and the Xtreme Vision 130% achieved just under the promised 130% more brightness. Given the similar pricing between these two models, it seems logical to choose the Xtreme Vision 130%.

During white testing, the X-treme Vision performed better than I anticipated, emitting a cool white 3400k light, about 10% whiter than the stock. While I might have preferred a whiter light from an aftermarket headlight bulb, given its affordability, it’s hard to grumble.

After installing them in my car, I found the beam coverage quite satisfactory. While the packaging claims it covers a distance of 45 metres, I noticed the light began to fade somewhere between the 60 to 70 metre mark. Here’s a snapshot of how they look installed, although it doesn’t quite convey the actual distance.

Philips X

Philips X

As is evident from the picture, on a dark night, the Extreme Vision sufficiently illuminates the road ahead. The beams themselves could reach further, but the falling snow obstructs how much farther the X-treme vision extends.

The following video compares the Extreme Vision with other popular bulbs. I’ve queued it up to the comparison section – just hit play.

Experiencing Philips Xtreme Vision’s Material and Longevity

So far, I’ve only been able to test Philips X-treme Vision for a total of six months, and I haven’t discerned any dimming of the beam. These bulbs have a total lifespan of 800 hours. While 800 hours is relatively standard for headlight bulbs these days, there are alternatives offering better value for money. However, they’re notably more costly than the Xtreme Vision.

I’ve snapped a picture of the Xtreme Vision to give you an idea of its size and how effortlessly it should fit in your car. With such popular headlight bulbs, installation issues are a rarity 99% of the time.

Philips X

The Philips Xtreme Vision bulbs are surprisingly lightweight, and they feel sturdy. What I particularly appreciate about X-treme Vision is that it’s less bulky than most other headlight bulbs in the market, ensuring no car owner will struggle with fitment. My only gripe would be the lack of additional cooling and heat dissipation technology.

Many aftermarket headlight bulbs come equipped with fans or heat-dissipating materials like aluminium. Cooler bulbs tend to have longer lifespans, hence super bright headlight bulbs often require heat sinks and turbo fans to handle the excess heat they generate.

Phillips provides a two-year warranty, which is impressive for this price point. In contrast, most other bulbs only guarantee a one-year lifespan, ensuring you’ll get your money’s worth.

As the Xtreme Vision is a Halogen bulb, it uses Xenon gas to boost brightness without having to increase wattage or the kelvin Rating. This means you get more brightness without generating extra heat or sacrificing lifespan.

Would I Recommend Phillips Xtreme Vision?

If you’re in the market for a budget-friendly headlight bulb with a decent lifespan and a substantial beam, then I see no reason not to suggest Xtreme Vision. Personally, I feel it’s wise to opt for the Phillips Xtreme Vision 130% as they’re virtually identical, but the 130% offers a slightly brighter beam.

Installation, a common stumbling block for many drivers, is a breeze with this bulb. Its compact size and clear instructions make for easy fitment in any car, and I doubt anyone would encounter issues during installation.

Overall, this is a quality bulb at an affordable price, and I plan to continue using it in one of my vehicles.

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