Philips Xtreme Vision Review | How X-Treme is it?

Philips X-treme Vision, otherwise known as the Xtreme Vision, is maybe the most popular headlight bulb available and for good reason. In this review I’m to show and tell you why, Philips Xtreme Vision is one of the best all rounder headlight light bulbs on the market. 

While there are longer lasting or brighter bulbs, Philips X-treme vision is one of the best bulbs for its price point. I’ve personally used this bulb for the last 6 months and so far haven’t had any qualms with this bulb.

IMPORTANT! – Make sure you have the correct bulb sizing and fitment so you don’t waste your money, use this handy tool to double check.

The E-xtreme Vision?s Brightness and visibility 

Philips Xtreme vision performs very comfortably in terms of brightness, while more expensive options do outperform it. Using these headlight bulbs at night provides quality visibility for a significant distance. 

If you can, I would recommend purchasing the Xtreme Vision 130%, it’s very similar but comes with a stronger beam. My testing found the Xtreme vision was 110% stronger than it’s stock counterpart, and the Xtreme Vision 130% was actually a little under 130% more brightness. None the less these two bulbs are very similar priced so it makes sense to go with the Xtreme Vision 130%.

When we ran white testing, the X-treme Vision performed better than expected, a cool white 3400k. This came in at 10% whiter than stock. While I would prefer it being a little more white for an aftermarket headlight bulb, it’s so affordable you can’t exactly complain. 

When installed in my car the beam was decent, the packaging states it covers a length of 45 metres but I found it began to fade at the 60 to 70 metre mark. Here’s a photo of what they look like installed, though this picture doesn’t give a good idea of distance.

As you can see on a rather dark night the Extreme Vision does an adequate job of lighting up the road in front of me. The beams themselves will shine for a lot further but there’s a bunch of snow preventing us from seeing how much further the X-treme vision shines. 

Here’s a video of the Extreme Vision compared to other popular bulbs, I’ve skipped to when they compare so just hit the start button. 

Xtreme Vision’s Material and longevity

I have only managed to test Philips X-treme Vision for a total of 6 months, so far I haven?t noticed any dimming of the beam. These bulbs promise a total of 800 hours. A lifetime of 800 hours is pretty standard for headlight bulbs these days, there are other headlight bulbs that will give you better value for money, but all these options are significantly more expensive than the Xtreme Vision. 

I’ve taken a photo of the Xtreme Vision to give you an idea of it’s sizing and how easy it’s going to fit in your car. 99% of the time for such popular headlight bulbs you will not have a problem with installation.

They’re very light bulbs in terms of weight, they feel durable and I really like the fact that X-treme Vision is far less bulkier than most other headlight bulbs on the market, this means no car owner will have a problem with fitment. My own gripe would be that it doesn’t have any extra cooling and heat dissipation technology. 

A lot of aftermarket headlight bulbs come with fans or materials such as aluminium that help to dissipate heat from the bulb. The less hot a headlight bulb is, the longer it’s lifespan. That’s why super bright headlight bulbs require heat sinks and turbo fans to dissipate all the excess heat that they create. 

Phillips promises a two year warranty which is really good for this price point, most other bulbs only promise a 1 year life span so you can be sure you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Since the Xtreme Vision is a Halogen bulb, it utilises Xenon gas to increase brightness without having to amp up wattage or even the kelvin Rating, which in turn means you get more brightness without producing extra heat or a shorter lifespan. 

Should you Consider Phillips Xtreme Vision?

If you’re considering a budget headlight bulb, one that had a decent service life and considerable shine then I can’t see why I wouldn’t recommend the Xtreme Vision. I do think it’s best to purchase Phillips Xtreme Vision 130% because they’re practically the same except the 130% will give you a little extra brightness to your beam. 

Something that trips up a lot of drivers is installation, this bulb provides very easy fitment and clear instructions, since it’s quite small it will fit in any car, and I find it very hard to believe anyone would have problems with installation. 

Overall this is a quality bulb at an affordable price and I’m going to continue to be using it in one of my cars. 

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