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An Honest Review of TYC Headlights

In this review, we’ll be taking a look at TYC headlights.

With years of experience in the industry, TYC is renowned for making some of the best aftermarket replacement headlight kits for a wide variety of vehicles. So we put their offerings to the test to see if they’re actually up to the mark.

We tested their headlight kit on our Toyota Tacoma to see how it performed. Overall, we were impressed by the bright output, which was a bit more powerful than stock, crisp focusing and clarity, and the stellar build quality of this kit. 

Keep reading for more of our thoughts on the TYC headlights.

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My Hands-On Assessment

TYC undoubtedly produces some of the top-tier replacement headlight kits out there. When I tested their kit designed for the Toyota Tacoma, I noticed a significant improvement from the stock, especially concerning intensity, clarity, and road coverage.

Therefore, I couldn’t recommend the TYC headlight kit more to those contemplating replacing or upgrading their old headlights to a superior setup.

  • Stunning brightness
  • Powerful throw
  • High clarity
  • Slightly wider road coverage than stock
  • Uniform beam pattern
  • No dark spots
  • No flickering
  • Longer lifespan than stock
  • Premium build quality
  • Meets all DOT standards
  • May not be available for all models or manufacturers

Resilience and Construction Quality

Perhaps the most striking feature of the TYC headlight kits is their resilience. Owing to the incorporation of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, these replacement headlights outlast and outperform even the stock alternatives.

Fitment can frequently pose a challenge with aftermarket headlight kits, but not with these. All the mounting points are stock-standard, and I encountered no issues fitting these headlights on my test vehicle.

I must also commend the build quality. The meticulous design and construction reflect the attention to detail invested in the creation of these headlights.

Colour Intensity and Luminosity

From the performance perspective, these replacement headlights match or even surpass the stock. They emit a bright and potent beam of light that extends farther and broader. The brightness is roughly equivalent to stock, but the marginally wider viewing angle significantly enhances night-time visibility.

The colour reproduction is also identical to stock. I didn’t experience any issues with blurriness or unfocused beams. Moreover, the beam pattern is smooth and uniform, eliminating the inconvenience of dark spots in your field of vision.

Concerning appearance, these headlights fully comply with DOT regulations and won’t dazzle or distract oncoming traffic.

Unique Features and Benefits

These headlights stand out for closely replicating stock. However, they offer a couple of noteworthy features that elevate the overall experience and produce a more effective set of headlights.

Firstly, the mounting points and hardware mimic the ones on your stock vehicle, allowing for seamless fitment and trouble-free installation. Other kits I’ve evaluated often overlook this detail, making achieving that stock look more difficult.

Secondly, the wiring harness is designed with the stock harness in mind. This design simplifies and accelerates the kit installation, eliminating any wiring dilemmas.

Moreover, these headlights have a special lens coating that resists fading and hazing. I found this feature particularly beneficial as it ensures your headlights maintain their appearance and performance over time.

Lastly, I appreciate the rigorous testing that the manufacturer has put into creating this headlight kit. This includes accelerated cycling tests to guarantee a durable, enduring set of headlights. The whole kit is also impeccably sealed to protect against weather damage.

The Bottom Line

The TYC headlights are definitely worth considering if you’re shopping for a top-quality set of replacement headlights for your vehicle. They offer bright and powerful lighting with superior viewing angles and wider coverage than stock.

The durability is also unparalleled, and far superior to other kits I’ve seen. Installation is straightforward, and fitment perfectly matches stock mounts. All in all, these headlight kits rank among the best options on the market.

TYC Headlights

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