Which one is best – LED Headlights vs Halogen

LED Headlight bulbs vs Halogen Headlights - Which is better - what's the difference?

LED Headlights vs Halogen

LED headlights and halogen headlights are two popular types of car headlights but knowing which one to choose is tricky. In this article, I compare LED headlights vs halogen and provide you with key differences and advantages of each to help you make the right choice.

Which is better LED or halogen headlights?

SpecificationLED Headlights vs Halogen


LED is more energy-efficient than halogen headlights, consuming less power while providing brighter illumination.


LED headlights have a longer lifespan compared to halogen headlights, lasting up to 20,000 hours or more, while halogen headlights typically last around 1,000 hours


LED headlights offer a brighter and more focused beam, enhancing visibility and improving safety on the road. Halogen headlights, although less bright, still provide sufficient illumination.

Heat Generation

LED headlights produce less heat than halogen headlights, reducing the risk of damage to the headlight housing and surrounding components.


Halogen is the more budget-friendly option; however, although LED headlights are initially more expensive than halogen headlights, their longer lifespan and energy efficiency can save costs over time.

Environmental Impact

LED headlights lower energy consumption and longer lifespan make them a more environmentally friendly option.


Halogen headlights are compatible with most vehicles, unlike LED headlights which may require additional modifications or adapters for proper installation.

LED Headlights vs Halogen what’s the difference

When comparing LED headlights vs halogen there are a few distinct differences. Let me break it down for you: Halogens are incandescent lights that use a tungsten filament enclosed in a bulb. What sets halogens apart from regular incandescent bulbs is the presence of halogen gas instead of argon gas. In comparison, halogen bulbs shine brighter and usually have a longer lifespan. 

LED headlights have unique characteristics that make them stand out for other reasons; unlike traditional incandescent bulbs, LEDs utilize a semiconductor or diode to generate light. This means they have brighter illumination but produce way less heat, making them energy efficient; in fact, LEDs have an impressive 90% efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs, which accounts for their longer lifespan. Unlike their incandescent counterparts, LEDs tend not to burn out, although they may gradually dim over time. However, it’s worth noting that LED headlights are generally more expensive than halogen or high-intensity-discharge alternatives, which often rely on xenon gas.

Conclusion – LED headlights vs Halogen

When comparing LED headlights vs halogen, it is clear that LEDs have a few standout features, such as improved efficiency, longer lifespan, brighter illumination, and reduced heat generation. Although LED headlights cost a bit more when you purchase them, the long-term benefits and energy efficiency make them a great OE choice for car owners looking to replace their bulbs.

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