Philips Crystal Vision Ultra Headlight Review

Philips Crystal Vision Ultra review summary

Crystal Vision Ultra HeadlightCrystal Vision Ultra Headlight
  • If you’re on a budget, we highly recommend these headlights as a stock alternative
  • Even if you’re not a car not these headlights aren’t difficult to install
  • Bright White Xenon Look
  • High quality packaging
  • 5 minute installation(very simple)
  • Far brighter than stock
  • Pure white hue
  • Affordable
  • If you’re looking for ultra bright headlights then these won’t do, although they’re stick far brighter than stock headlights

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We took some time last weekend to install a new set of Philips CrystalVision Ultra headlights into our projector headlight housing. The headlights claim to have a “Bright White Xenon Look”, according to the packaging.

Philips Car Headlight Packaging

The packaging was very attractive, the best we’ve seen.  But, how did the headlights perform?  Luckily, the installation of these lights was fairly straightforward and only took about 5 minutes.  These lights don’t require any modifications to the wiring or headlight housing.  They connect the same way you would connect any other halogen headlight.

4Runner Headlight h11 Connection

Here’s how the bulb looks up close.  The bluish hue to the bulb gives the actual light emitted a blue tint.  Don’t be concerned, it’s not BLUE, it’s more of a pure white when compared to the stock halogen headlights that come in vehicles.

Philips Blue Car Headlight Bulb

Just unplug the stock headlight and plug the Philips headlight into the stock wiring. You can find detailed instructions specific to your vehicle in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Philips Blue Headlight Installed into Projector Housing

Once installed, we compared the Philips xenon lighting to the stock halogen lighting that comes in the Toyota 4Runner.  For starters, here is how the 4Runner’s headlights look brand new.  Since the 4Runner we used has projector headlight housings, the headlights are actually pretty efficient.  However, the lights leave a little something to be desired in terms of their brightness and their color, as you can see below:

Stock Headlights in Projector Housing

Once we installed the Philips into the passenger side headlight, we immediately noticed a difference in terms of color and brightness.  The photo below shows the Philips headlight on the left and the stock light on the right.

Philips vs Stock Headlights

You can see that the Philips headlight on the left has a pure white hue to it.  While you aren’t going to win any lighting competitions with these headlights, you will definitely notice a difference on the road.  They are a quality upgrade for the price and time investment it will take to install them.

All in all, these headlights are probably the best Xenon headlights we’ve tested.  They are brighter than stock headlights and are roughly the same price.  Amazon has them for just under $30.  Follow the link below to get them on sale!

Our #1 Recommendation
Crystal Vision Ultra HeadlightCrystal Vision Ultra Headlight

Philips Crystal Vision Ultra

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