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Headlight Bulb Comparisons

Welcome to our headlight bulb comparisons page. This is where we pit the best headlights the market has to offer against each other and let them duke it out.

With so many headlights available for every different category and use case, it often comes down to just two or three options. And if you’re scratching your head trying to decide which one to buy, fret not.

Our headlight bulb comparisons are designed to put two evenly-matched headlight bulbs up against each other and see which one comes out on top.

We consider stuff like the compatibility of each bulb, the price point it’s offered at, any differences in performance, how long it lasts, and a variety of other objective metrics that allow us to crown one champion.

So if you’re not sure which headlight bulb to spend your hard-earned money on, or if you’re just curious about the differences between two types of headlight bulbs, check this page to see if we’ve compared them with each other.

Why It’s Important To Compare Headlight Bulbs

There are more headlight bulb options than ever before, with more seemingly being introduced every day.

With such variety, it’s possible that even if you think you’ve found the perfect headlight bulb for your use case, an even better option is right around the corner.

Comparing similar headlight bulbs, or headlight bulbs with similar use cases gives you a better idea of how each one stacks up and performs.

It’s also possible that a direct comparison brings to light that one feature or performance metric that puts a headlight bulb over the top for your particular use case.

What You Should Consider Before Purchasing A Headlight Bulb


The first thing you need to consider when buying a headlight bulb is compatibility. All of the performance and features in the world are worthless if the bulb doesn’t even fit your car or other vehicle.

Headlight bulb sizes and compatibility also differ from region to region. Two headlight bulbs could be exactly the same but have completely different names or designations in different regions of the world.

This makes finding the right headlight bulbs for your vehicle confusing, especially if your vehicle was imported from abroad.

That’s where our headlight comparisons come in. We can help you figure out what differences, if any, there are between two seemingly identical headlights, and also which one is best for your particular needs.


Different types of headlight bulbs will vary greatly when it comes to performance. For example, an LED headlight bulb will offer brighter light and a wider angle of projection compared to halogens.

Our headlight bulb comparisons offer in-depth information about the performance and features that different types of headlight bulbs have.

If you need help figuring out which type of headlight bulb offers the best performance for your needs, our comparisons might be just the thing.

And unlike other headlight reviewers who would just have you buy the most high performance, and most expensive headlight out there, our comparisons aim to help you find the bulb that has all the performance you actually need.


And last but certainly not least, we have the difference in longevity of different types of headlight bulbs. Two headlight bulbs might have wildly different power consumption and efficiency ratings.

That means you need to compare the two head-to-head and see which one is best for you.

It is also possible that the difference in build quality of the two bulbs is what allows one to last longer than the other, making it imperative that you compare the two and see which one fits your requirements.

We keep all of these factors in mind when comparing headlight bulbs, so that we can offer actual actionable advice.

Not to mention, we incorporate real world tests and experience into our comparisons, in addition to feedback from other users who have been using the headlights long term, in various scenarios and settings.

Check out one of the comparisons below to see a head-to-head matchup between headlight bulbs and our recommendation for which one you should get.

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